Bandung : Two Hands Full

Coffee lovers in Bandung, be merry. From my last visit to Bandung, I know they were tooooo many new coffee shops around. But if you looked for quality, Yes... I just can only named a few. One of my new fave is this one. Located on the bustling ( read : traffic jam ) road on Sukajadi, cool space, cool ( and young! ) owner, definitely give you one good time of coffee experience.

The young man behind it is Stefan. A licensed Q grader who inspired to make a coffee shop after his visit to Melbourne. No wonder this coffee shop is so OZ's, they even displayed some Vegemite. lols. 

Atmosphere :
Industrial look to the max. That's the only way to describe their space. It's spacious, airy and.... hipster! lols. 
La Marzocco Linea !

Price : 
IDR 30.000- 50.000/person

Food and Drinks :

Every month they served Guest Blend coffee, and that time I'm interested to try some. It was a blend that made by Doddy Samsura, 2013's IBC champion. 70% Java Gulali, 30% Java Aromanis, both was Honey Processed. With this kind of blend, you can expect the taste was sweet and chocolatey. Tasted light because I opted for 5oz with Milk - IDR 22.000.

Their Two Hands Blend, made with 70% Bali Inten, 30% Java Ciwidey. This one also light bodied with hint of caramel and nutty notes.

Stefan also gave me a sample of Cold Brew coffee that he made. Using single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga, one is made with V60, one with Aeropress. The aeropress one win my heart, it was citrusy and refreshing, yet the v60 one was more floral with Jasmine notes.
love the small jug!

I also tried their pastries, Apple Pie with Ice Cream - IDR 25.000. It was pretty yum with multi- textured from the nuts and raisins. And yes... never wrong with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream! :p

Two Hands Full
206 Sukajadi, Bandung, Indonesia.
Facebook : Two Hands Full
Twitter : @thfcoffee


  1. I don't know how you guys have the time to visit new places .. and in Bandung! Anyway, abis liat post lo dan postnya Jie jadi merasa makin perlu mampir ke Two Hands Full. Sempet nyobain makanan selain dessert?

    Ruby |

  2. They have apple pie?! I'm on my way.



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