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I know all of you already familiar with this franchise restaurant from Switzerland. Marche, which means 'market' in french, could makes you feel like eating at the European market.

Two branch in Jakarta, the one in Grand Indonesia has more bigger space. I love their decor! Each kind of dishes were separate into stations that looks like in the real traditional European market.

Something that you cannot miss while dining at Marche, Cream Of Mushroom Soup - IDR 39.000. I always had this soup when I go to Marche. Why ? Because it's just perfect for diet. Lols. The soup was so thick, with abundant croutons and pumpkin seeds. Very fulfilling yet healthy !

Another famous dish at Marche is Savory Crepe - IDR 72.000. A thin flimsy crepe, with toppings that you can choose by yourself. I really like the crepes! The thickness was perfect, and you can also opted for the vegetarian one.

For dessert you can choose Apple Pie - IDR 38.000. Not like usual apple pie, this one was quite sour. The filling was so thick with nuts and they're not using any cinnamon like usual apple pie. I think the crust was a bit too thick, would be nice if it's more crumbly. 

For drinks definitely should try their Ice Apple Tea - IDR 25.000. It was special because it's made from real apple juice, and made fresh-daily. So refreshing!

You can also have your fresh own-picked juice, this one is Honeydew, Strawberry and Orange - IDR 48.000. Tropical heaven!

Entertainment District 3A#03A-D,  
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jln. MH. Thamrin 1,West Mall ( besides Musical fountain )
Phone  : +62 21 23 58 11 26/-27
Facebook : Marche Restaurant
Twitter :  @MarcheIndonesia



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