Singapore : Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons

Seems not only Jakarta which affected by the Ramen fever. People are looking and looking for more killer pork-bone soup, juiciest chasiu, and the one who claiming 'the most authentic'. When I go to for a short- holiday to Singapore this week, it seems this 'neighbor-country' also having the same 'fever' like ours. Many new ramen places just open in Singapore, some behind the famous big brand, some are not. I'm looking for some best one to try, but the one that we're not having here in Jakarta. So yes, this latest branch of them on Bugis was one of my choice.

Opening from about 6 months ago, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons bringing different flavor from their previous 3 branches. It is said the pork bone soup was cooked for 11 hours, well... it's not that surprising since there is a ramen shop here in Jakarta that make the broth from 2 days before. lols. Located just near the Bugis KFC, would be easy to find this place. Luckily I'm going on weekdays and a bit late from dinner time, so there's no queue. 

Just like it's name, they serve ramen named just like the Four Seasons. Spring with Basil and Cheese ( ow yeah ), Summer with three difference types of chilli, Japanese Shichimi, Cayenne Pepper and Szechuan Pepper. Autumn with 3 different types of mushroom and bonito. Winter one just like the usual signature Keisuke Ramen. 

Since I'm a big fan of mushroom and bonito, Autumn ( SGD 12.90 ) was my choice obviously. When you order you can also opted for the thick or thin broth, hard of soft noodle, and less or more oil. Mine was normal one. At the first sip, you definitely can taste the strong bonito flavor. It's good, but somehow it's slightly had some aftertaste that stays in your mouth. For me, I think the bonito flavor was overpowering the mushroom though. The chasiu was succulent enough, and the noodle, I'm so sorry but not big fan of it. Not smooth and tasted a bit too doughy for me.

A friend of mine order Summer ( SGD 13.90 ). I didn't try it, but he said that it's really spicy. haha.

Free hard boiled egg and marinated beansprouts also served on every table, and they also serve a bowl of sesame that we had to grind by ourselves, just like in authentic katsu restaurant.

And one thing that makes me want to go to here too is...... Green Tea Cola  !!! ( SGD 3.00 ) I know righttttt! I drink it with such a big expectation, and it let me down. The green tea flavor wasn't there, so it's just tasted like regular cola. But yeah.... it's worth a try if you haven't try. But for me, once is enough ;)

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons
158 Rochor Road, Bugis Village, Singapore
Phone : +65 6333 57 40
Facebook : Keisuke Tokyo - SG
Twitter    : @KeisukeTokyoSG


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