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Looking for 24/7 restaurant apparently bit hard besides all those fast-food joint. If you want another option, I think Midtown Owl could be a choice for you. With their wide variety menus from Western to Asian, from Coffee to Cocktail, will satisfy your appetite. 

Midtown Owl has a quite spacious place. You can choose between outdoor sitting area, or cozy industrial look in the inside. 

Start from the appetizer, Mushroom Mushroom and Mushroom Soup - IDR 30.000. I love mushroom soup with it's tiny bits of mushroom in it, and this one just perfect. Perfect creaminess.

Melon and Mandarin Salad - IDR 39.000. Yes this salad has jelly in it! It was bit weird for me at first, but it become more enjoyable since you can taste many different textures on one dish. The balsamic dressing adding a nice sour taste to it. 

For the main course, Spring Chicken - IDR 75.000. It was presented beautifully, but too bad the chicken was too dry. The potatoes tasted nice though.

Bacon, Mushroom and  Parmesan Cream Fettuccine - IDR 42.000. There's nothing wrong with baconnnnnn. haha... This one is pretty yummy and tasted creamy enough. 

King Prawns - IDR 95.000. The prawns was cooked with some kind-of 'sambal', but it tasted way too salty for me. But the prawns tasted fresh enough though. 

For the dessert, Choco Lava. The melted chocolate cake taste scrumptious with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Ogura Green Tea Roll - IDR 35.000. Too bad the cake was too dry, and lacking of the green tea flavor.

And the drinks!
Peach Ice tea - IDR 19.000

Choco and Nut Hot Coffee - IDR 30.000

Cafe Latte - IDR 25.000
Overall, I think this restaurant has the potential, but needs a bit more improvement on the taste. I do think some of their menu was interesting, but it just need a better execution. Last words, thanks Jonathan and Midtown Owl for inviting :)

Midtown Owl 
Main Lobby Apartment Royal Mediterania,
Podomoro City
Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman, Kavling 28,
Central Park, Jakarta Barat.

Phone :  (021)  29427007

Facebook  Page : Midtown Owl
Twitter : @MidtownOwl


  1. khas banget menu Spring Chickennya.. hhe

    btw, menu Spring Chickennya bisa diupload disini juga loch < >



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