Recipe : Kisah Seafood Ramadhan with Fiesta Seafood

Just admit it, we all love fast and fried food isn't it? Sometimes, cooking really takes much of our time. Not when you do the 'cooking' part, but I mean is the preparation and post-cooking ( cleaning!!! ) part ! Life would be better if I got people who can do the prep and cleaning part just like on all of those cooking TV show :p  But yeah, sometime we can't resist a simple and fast option, frozen food! 

 I'm already familiar with all Fiesta's products. Their chicken taste great! But it's a first time for me to try Fiesta Seafood, a new range of their seafood's products. And I just know that they also held an interesting event during this Ramadhan month,  Kisah Seafood Ramadhan ! So what we have to do is just following the recipe that Chef Arnold Poernomo's did, you can see his recipes HERE. With grand total of IDR 30 Millions, I just think ... why not? Usually we eat frozen food just the way it is. Defrost, fried and eat. But isn't that interesting if you actually can mix it with another dishes ? ;D
Me and my friends with Chef Arnold ;D

So for the appetizer I chose a recipe from Week 3, Shrimp Roll with Mango Salsa. To be honest, at first I'm a bit skeptical with this recipe. I was thinking.... hmmm... is this gonna work or not. But apparently, it works! :p The savory and crunch taste from Fiesta's Shrimp Roll was quite nice to mix with the sour and sweet Mango Salsa. Yum! If you think my recipe good enough, please help me to VOTE for my recipe here ! ;D

Shrimp Roll with Mango Salsa

Ingredients  : 
- 30ml Thai Sweet Chili Sauce ( I'm using the one with rooster brand :p )
- 10g Coriander Leaves
- 1 ripe Mango ( I use 'Harum Manis' )
- 1/2 Japanese Cucumber/ Kyuri
- 2 cloves of red onions
- 3 chopped Chillies ( big one not birds eye )
- 10 chopped Mint Leaves
- 2 chopped Basil Leaves
- 1/2 Lemon 
- 1 package of Fiesta's Shrimp Roll 

Instructions : 
- Cut Mango, Cucumber and Red Onions into cubed. 
- Mix in chillies, mint and basil. 
- Add Thai Sweet Chili sauce and Lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.
- Serve with Fiesta's Shrimp Roll 

Then I also made Spicy Pesto Spaghetti from Week 2, you can see the recipe here. I alwayssssss love pesto! Make your own definitely much-much better than store-bought. It's very easy to make!

Spicy Pesto Spaghetti with Seafood Stix

Ingredients :
- 2cups Basil Leaves
- 2 cloves of Garlic
- 300ml Olive Oil 
- 50gr Pine Nuts ( or Almond nuts could work as well ) 
- 100gr Spaghetti 
- 3 cherry tomatoes
- 2 big chillies ( I use thai's dried chili instead :p )
- 1 Package of Fiesta's Seafood Stix

Instructions : 
- To make the pesto sauce, blend basil, olive oil, pine nuts with food processor. 
- Heat water, and cook spaghetti until al-dente. Drained the water and mix some olive oil to the pasta to keep from sticking.
- Heat some olive oil on the pan, put in garlic, chillies and cherry tomatoes. Mix spaghetti and then the pesto sauce. Salt and Pepper to taste, Mix well.
- Serve with Fiesta's Seafood Stix.

Easy right?? So I'm already joining the competition. How about you ? ;)
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