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For everyone that knows me, must've known that I'm such a sucker for dessert. I do eat butter, cream and sugar ! ( real women eat butter!!! ;p ) Even for some dessert that is too sweet for some people, I'm still okay with it. I know, I know, I could not resist to plunge myself into sugar-high moments :p

Ice cream definitely has a sweet-spot in my life. It's creaminess, it's temperature that could make u 'brain-freeze', it's ....... addictive ! To eat on it's own, or even mixed with another desserts or drinks, nothing goes wrong with it. And yes, a new way of enjoying ice cream using Liquid Nitrogen, finally hit Jakarta !

Liquid nitrogen has been widely used on modern molecular gastronomy these days. It is safe to use because it's only use the gas, and the liquid will evaporates so quick without leaving odor or color. Mrs. Astrid, the owner herself, learn this technique to Italy to make sure the procedure is safe enough. 

Lin's interior also nice. A mix of industrial, vintage and organic look. Quite spacious with indoor and outdoor seating area.

Lin's also using 'artisan' to their name, because they use fresh produce to make the ice cream flavor, so every ice cream will taste differently according to the produce.  After you order, they would make it right away, fresh and only took 5 minutes to make!

Magic !
So the first one that we tasted that day is Lemon Sorbet - IDR 36.000. Not like usual sorbet that you still can taste the ice granules, this one is superrrr smooth. It's also taste creamy even though not using any cream. Healthier, light and refreshing!

Affogato - IDR 62.000. This Italian classic coffee-based beverage is also nice! Their using real vanilla beans for the ice cream, and poured some espresso on top. Nice mix of sweet and bitter !

Merry Strawberry - IDR 39.000. No artificial coloring on this one! The bright red color ice cream was very tempting right? Just like the lemon one, this one also nice with it's smooth textures and refreshing strawberry flavor. 

A grown-up version ice cream, Smiley Baileys - IDR 69.000. Served with a nice crunchy waffle, this one was my most fave item ! I'm such a huge fans of Baileys, that's why! ;D Creamy and you can slightly taste the liquor ;)

In Lin, they also serves coffee drinks from Javabica, and some light snacks for you to enjoy. 
Prawn and Squid Balls - IDR 22.000
Chicken Nugget - IDR 22.000
Overall I had good time tasting this new experience of enjoying ice cream. Thanks Lin Artisan Ice Cream & mba Astrid for inviting, and will look forward for another upcoming flavor ;)

LIN Artisan Ice Cream
Jl. Taman Kemang 1 No.6, South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 7179 4393
Facebook Page : LIN Artisan Ice Cream
Twitter : @linicecream



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