Restaurant Review : Bistro Garcon

I already heard some news that this new French bistro just open at Plaza Senayan. With their trinity as Bistro, Bar and Patisserie, trying their selection of French pastry was on the top of my list. Yeah, I'm all the dessert ! :p

Atmosphere :
 The bar area was quite quirky with the neon lights, the sitting area was just like usual classic bistro. Wooden floor and dark furniture.

Price :
IDR 150.000 - 250.000/ person ( 15 - 25 USD/person )

Food :
For brunch, I opted Chicken Rosemary - IDR 90.000. The Chicken was cooked perfectly, and I love the crispy skin on top! However the gravy a bit lack of seasoning in my opinion. 

Penne with Salmon - IDR 88.000. This pasta was presented beautifully ! Even though they cooked it al-dente, it's still a so- so dish.

Shrimps Risotto - IDR 90.000. This one is a winner! It's hard to get a really good risotto in Jakarta, and I can say this one is the best so far! The arborio rice cooked al dente and the cheese flavor was intense ! Yum!

And, from the pastry section, we definitely order their beautiful Religieuse ! Relegie Caramael - IDR 30.000. The choux was a bit chewy and the creme patisserie inside was quite enjoyable. 

Rocher Monaco - IDR 37.000. Yes this is a winner ! Beautifully presented, intense chocolate and hazelnut flavor, just like eating a Ferrero Rocher !

Mille Feuille Fraise - IDR 35.000. Had a high expectation and it turns me down. The puff pastry layer was too dry and rubbery. 

For drinks I opted Peppermint Tea - IDR 35.000, to cure my sugar-high :p

Bistro Garcon
Plaza Senayan Level 4 No.410
Phone : ( 021 ) 5790 0140
Facebook : Bistro Garcon
Twitter :  @Bistrogarcon



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