Lebanese Iftar Menu at Keraton Hotel Jakarta

Ramadan month is already come, and even though I'm not fasting, I always enjoy the activity of break fasting together with friends or families. The most memorable Ramadan moment that I have is when I'm still an intern at one local TV station. At one Ramadan event, every division had to dress their very own costum, and my division chose pajamas to reflect the 'Sahur' theme. What a good time.

So talking about Lebanese food, maybe it's the first time for me to have this kind of cuisine. But I found it's not that different compared to the other Middle Eastern cuisine. I still found some items that I familiar with ;D With the Guest Chef Ashraf El Sayed in charge, you can enjoy this Lebanese Iftar Promotion from 7th July - 7th August 2013, with  IDR 495.000++/ person, IDR 248.000/child.

So the Lebanese dinner night started with some Rice with Vermicelli, Okra Tagine, Kofta, Fish Sayadia and Falafel. The rice taste just like usual rice, but the vermicelli added some texture to it. Okra Tagine was really yum. Not many people like Okra, but this was cooked until soft and had strong tomato flavor in it. Kofta is a type of meatballs using ground Lamb meat. Taste really yummy and you can taste some spices in it, but with some people who dislike the 'smell' of the lamb meat ( gamey taste ), this one maybe not the best option :D The Fish Sayadia is one of my fave! Cooked perfectly and well seasoned. Even though it's fried, but it's still soft and taste savory. And the Falafel which are usually made from chickpeas, taste a bit chewy.

Next is Arabic Lentil Soup. The interesting thing with this soup is it's using Vermicelli as one of the ingredients. The soup was very thick and somehow it's quite strange in my mouth at first, but I could enjoy it after my 2nd and 3rd spoon :D

And what's Lebanese food without the Beef Shawarma? It's a roasted beef served with some lettuce and seasoning, wraps in freshly made pita bread. Yum! 

And for sure definitely can't missed their salads and dips. Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Moutabel, Tahina, Halloumi Cheese, Yalanji Salad, Fattoush Salad and also, some Pita Bread :D All of it was flavorful, especially the Baba Ganoush, was tasted quite smokey and spicey. The Yalanji salad was made with rice, wrapped in wine leaves. Well, it's a bit unusual in my mouth :p The Fattoush Salad was surprisingly nice, light and resfreshing!  The green lettuce gives a nice crunch to it.

And the dinner closed with Bengawan's homemade Mango and Caramel ice cream. Yum! and some pretty dessert. To know more about Bengawan restaurant, you can read my previous post here.

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