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I don't know about you, but I always have a thing for sweets. I'm okay with sugar and cream  ( I know many girls don't :p ), I love it and I crave for it more and more. Haha... I know I should've control myself if I don't wanna get diabetes later on, but yeah... I try my best to balance it with doing some cardio once or twice a week :p Since I did go for run this morning, so it's okay to have cake one... or two isn't it ? ;D

So this newest addition from Ismaya Group is already been preview from the last year JCF's Closing Dinner. The Golden Hazelnut Praline that been served that night was quite mind-blowing. So yeah... When their store already open, I'm excited to join the crowd ! ;p

Atmosphere :
Every Ismaya's outlet always decorated nicely. Fun, sweet, vintage atmosphere fills up the room. And there's 3 KitchenAid that been used as the decor as well ! ( oh my...  ) Not only you could take-away their cakes, they're also provide some sitting area. Not much though since they were so packed! 

Food : 
They have many interesting selection of cakes, cupcakes and macarons. They also serve some drinks like coffee or tea. 
So that day me and my friends tried My Lady Grey - IDR 28.000. This one is Valrhona 'caramelia' chocolate mousse with Earl grey tea infused bavarian cream. This one is pretty yum ! Somehow you can taste some salty taste on the mousse ( yeah I do taste that ), and some earl grey tea taste at the bottom. 

Rose Berry - IDR 28.000. This one is Pink chiffon sponge, rose cream and raspberry marmalade. And yes, this was my fave too. The sponge layer is quite thin you almost can't taste it, the rose cream is totally yummy. I do love some rose-y taste :D

Between Love and Hate - IDR 28.000. This one is Vanilla crust pie, with lemon curd, lemon cream and lemon confit. Quite refreshing with strong lemony taste!

Carrot Cake and Blueberry Cheesecake Macarons - IDR 10.000/each. The Carrot Cake macarons surprisingly taste like carrot cake! haha.... Too bad the blueberry cheesecake one was tasteless. There's no flavor in it, only sweet. But as I've already written on "Mad About Macs" post , the texture of their macarons was quite perfect. Crunchy and slight chewy. 

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  1. is there any selection like apple crumble or pie? the lemony tart looks delish! can't wait to try that one ;)

  2. Be real! I'm sure instead of varlhona they use cheap local chocolate (I can name the brand)! It didn't taste varlhona at all!!!



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