Food Tasting Invitation : Fook Yew

When I was 'check-in' on facebook when I came to this restaurant, my friend immediately comment 'really??'. Haha...  Despite their provocative name, I think they're really took the fun side of languages. 'Fook' is a chinese word for Fortune and 'Yew' means Friendship. A beautiful meaning behind it, wasn't it? ;)

As one of the establishment from Ismaya Group, Fook Yew's interior also please the eye. Spacious with it's indoor and semi-outdoor seating area, bold vibrant colors & vintage 'old-town' chinese decor, you can tell it's not the-usual chinese restaurant. Attention to detail.

Food Tasting

The food tasting starting with their signature Spicy Beef Sheng Jian Bao. Sheng Jian Bao is a typically breakfast item in Shanghai, it's actually a buns but it's pan-fried, and the filling was like a Xiao Long Bao, which has soup in it. This Spicy Beef Sheng Jian Bao from Fook Yew was tasted a bit sweet though, and there's no soup in it. The skin was quite chewy, bit similar like eating mochi. 

Chicken and Prawn Sheng Jian Bao.

Black Sesame Sheng Jian Bao. The black sesame filling taste quite nice. 

Fook Yew Fried Rice. A typical chinese fried rice ( not using the sweet soy sauce like ours ), quite enjoyable.
Ni Chang Sweet and Sour Chicken. This was the winning dish. A succulent chicken bits with it's sweet and sour taste. Yum!
Macau Fried Seafood Noodle with Egg Sauce. I always love this kind of food! Mixed texture of crunch and soup. The egg sauce was perfect!

Two Flavor Hongkong Kailan. To me, this one was quite a new way of presenting Kailan. The leaves was fried until really crisp and the stem was sauteed with garlic. I really love the savory-crispy Kailan leaves!

For the drinks, Fook Yew also concentrate in Bubble Tea. Yes, Bubble Tea phenomenon are everywhere now! This one is Kungfu Hustle and The Return of The Condor Heroes. Familiar with the name ? ;D Oh yeah, they're also serves the Alcoholic Bubble Tea one!

Last words, I really do having a great time. Thanks Fook Yew and Ismaya Group for inviting ;)

Fook Yew
Gandaria City - Mainstreet GF, Unit MG 25
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 5 No. 8,

Jakarta Selatan.
Phone : ( 021 ) 29007897
Twitter : @fook_yew
Facebook : Fook Yew


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