Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Hidden gems. That's what it comes to mind when I first stepped in this coffee shop. Seriously I still didn't know who's the person who recommend me this place. But I remember some friend talking about it. I've asked 3 of my friends, and they said they never know about this coffee shop. Weird right? haha ..... Fate ? Could be. 

Atmosphere :
Located at the back of a beauty clinic, Nujaniv, there is an interesting vibe in this coffee shop. They separate the place into indoor ( No Smoking ) and Outdoor ( Smoking Area ), both really makes you feel at home.The indoor area was decorated with rustic- industrial decor, with many interesting center pieces. The outdoor one, really makes you feel like your in the middle of Bali Garden. Relaxing !

Price : 
IDR 20.000 - 50.000/ person

Tasting Notes :
The more interesting part of this coffee shop is, first, they serve single origin coffee, that they bought directly to the farmers! Mostly they use coffee from Bali, Java, or Sumatra. I do ask them why they chose to bought on their own. They said by doing that, we can appreciate them more ( paid them appropriately ) and they can do the better quality control. 
Located on Jl. Surabaya which is a touristy spot, many of their customers are tourist or westerner. You know that they are more critical than us, Asian :p So it's a must for them to serve a fine quality of coffee, plus, introducing them our local coffee. 
One of their passion is to educate the customers with Indonesian coffee. The owner himself, Hendrik, never hesitate to talk about the coffee to give them better knowledge ( including me ! yay )

The other interesting part is, Hendrik was roasting and serving the coffee himself! ( Nothing could go wrong with that right? ;p ). And yes, he's using a manual piston espresso machine, Victoria Arduino. It really takes skills and passion to use this kind of machine. 

So at my second time I ordered Flat White - IDR 37.000,- This coffee using the Java one, the results is very mild, low acid and you can taste the chocolate notes. 
The first time I came here, I was ordering their Cappuccino - IDR 34.000,- using the Bali coffee, the results was full bodied and acidic. When I said it was too acidic for me, he makes another one for me :D

Besides coffee, Hendrik's wife, Monica, also have a passion in baking. So they also serves some mini pies, Beef Pie, Apple pie and Chicken Mushroom Pie. The first time I came here, I was trying their Beef Pie. The filling was so generous, and the taste also bring Indonesian flavor in it. It taste almost like Rendang, bit spicy but still light.
The Apple Pie was also the most favorite they said. Compared to the Apple pie that I used to eat, this one was more like the Australian one. No cinnamon flavor, and the filling was quite sour. It was interesting though since I rarely had this kind of Apple Pie :D

Giyanti Coffee Roastery
Jl. Surabaya No.20, Menteng
Jakarta Selatan
Phone    :  ( 021 ) 3192 3698
Opening Hours ( Take Notes on This :p ) : Wednesday - Saturday, 9.30 am - 5.30 pm
Facebook  : GiyantiCoffeeRoastery
Twitter     : @giyanticoffee


  1. will try this spot soon.. many thanks for the review

  2. We just tried this last week. Perhaps the best coffee I've tried in Indonesia. Very nice. A little on the pricey side in my view, but good coffee nonetheless!

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