Starbucks Media Gathering : Asian Dolce Latte

About a week ago, I was invited by Starbucks Indonesia for another drink and food tasting. Taking place at the newest Starbucks store at 1Park Residence, you can tell they're really growing fast.

That new interesting drink are, Asian Dolce Latte. Only available around Asia Pacific area, this drink gets an inspiration from how mostly Asian people enjoy their coffee. From my last trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, I kinda' see the similarity between them and Indonesian people to have their coffee. Strong and Bold coffee mixed with generous amount of condensed milk. Familiar? :D 
Inspired by that, Asian Dolce Latte consist of Double Shot of Dark Roasted Starbucks Espresso Roast ( ow yeah ! ), Dolce sauce and espresso whipped cream. If you like a bolder version of regular cafe latte, this one is the best option. 

You can enjoy it with ice too. But me, I like the hot version more ( Some like it hot, isn't it ? ;p )

For the food, we also tried Sumatra Eclair. This a puff pastry filled with a chocolate truffle and a hint of Sumatra coffee. Perfect for a sweet tooth.

Sumatra Mousse, A mousse cake in layers of chocolate with a hint of Sumatra coffee and cream cheese.

Cheese puff. This one is really addictive!

Half Double Decker Sandwich. A perfect pair to your morning coffee :D

 Starbucks 1Park Residence
Ground Floor Unit A1&A2,
Jl. KH. M. Syafi I Hadzami No.1, Kebayoran Baru,
Twitter     : @SbuxIndonesia
Facebook :  Starbucks Indonesia



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