Restaurant Review : Loobie Lobster

Social Media does have a power for someone's business. If you know about Holycow! Steakhouse, you'll definitely know their success story. Starting from twitter, now everybody has talked about it. Now they're opening a same concept of business, but just another type of food, Seafood! Yes it's Loobie Lobster !

I tell ya, the place is very ..... cramped. Only serves for 20 people and that's about 5 tables. You better come early or you'll stuck in the line.
Join the line ? :p

Around IDR 100.000/ person.

 So in here, they only serves two kinds of food, Lobster or Shrimp, and both are serves with fried calamari. Whole Lobster Platter - IDR 95.000,-
The lobster comes in medium size, perfectly seasoned and grilled to perfection. I know it's quite tricky to cooked a lobster because they easily get overcooked, but this one, it's just perfect. Tasted fresh and bit sweet but the meat wasn't that much tho ( we want more! ;p ) The fried calamari was pretty enjoyable too. 

Whole Big Shrimp platter - IDR 85.000,-. It seems the shrimps are more bigger than the lobster. haha... This one also perfectly cooked and the seasoning, just right. For me, I prefer the shrimp than the lobster :D

They had Spicy Garlic and Sambal Matah for the sauces. Both of it was pretty enjoyable. The highlight definitely the Sambal Matah, which tasted just like dabu -dabu.

For the drinks, different than Holycow! Steakhouse, they're not serve any all-you-can-drink, but the glass comes in super big size. 
Ice Milo - IDR 16.000,-

Loobie Lobster
Jl. Gunawarman No.32,
Jakarta Selatan
Twitter : @loobielobster


  1. i really wanna try this new restaurant. i mean, they are one of few seafood restaurants in south jkt no?

    anyway, please check out my new blog at i'm a newbie so definitely need to learn a lot from more experienced bloggers like you!

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