Cambodia : Strolling down Kep Beach

Back to my stories in Cambodia! So sorry for not posting much about my last trip there, the reason is... I don't think my photos are good enough. Lols. Don't judge me! I'm a very visual person and it's truly matters to me ;D The other reason is, I think it's a bit risky for me to bring two lens while traveling, so yeah.. I'm stuck with the standard kit lens.

After some trip to beautiful Kampot and Bokor Mountain, we're decided to visit Kep province, before heading back to Phnom Penh. We spend some time at the Kep Beach, and having lunch there. Been heard that they had decent seafood, so yeah I'm pretty excited.
Amazingly beautiful Kampot and Mount Bokor
Kep beach, wasn't that exciting in my opinion. Very quite and the water wasn't clear. But if you prefer to chill and relax, I bet you gonna like it ;) 

There's many food stall  along the way, and we didn't know which one the good one, so we just chose randomly. 

Our pick! :D

Pickles anyone?

So that time we order some boiled shrimps. Nothing beats fresh boiled shrimps! Fresh and sweet. Yum!

Grilled Squids. Not like Indonesian, I don't think they put some seasoning on it. Taste just like it is! A bit chewy though, but still addictive :p

Some Grilled Fish that I don't know what kind of fish it is :p

and some Fish Soup. It looks like a very clear soup right? But it taste quite sour. The interesting things on Cambodia is, they also had 'Tom Yum' on their food, but it's actually looks and taste differently compared to the Thai one. You should try ! :D



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