Restaurant Review : Sailendra Restaurant

One of the happiest moment when someone treats you dinner isn't it ? It's just even better when it was an AYCE ( All You Can Eat ) dinner. Forget diet for a moment! Because we doesn't eat like this everyday right??? ( one classic excuse )  :D

One thing that I like when having buffet on Hotel is, they have so many varieties of cuisine. So if you craving for many kind of food at once ( girls! you know what I mean :p ), it's a one good option. Or if you wanna celebrate something with your family or friends, it's a good option too. But how for a date? ;D haha... Not for a first date IMO.

Atmosphere : 
Just like usual restaurant at some 5 stars Hotel, the interior was very lux and cozy. It's also very spacious and always packed on weekends.


Price :
For buffet it was around IDR 380.000/ person/ weekend ( 40 USD )

Food :
For the appetizer, they had a very well range of salad that you can mixed on your own. This time I made my own salad with Lettuce Romaine, a lotssss of prosciutto ( love it! ) and cheese. Yum! 

From the seafood station, I always had some salmon and tuna sashimi, and some sushi rolls. The sashimi wasn't a good quality, but it's okay. We also can have fresh prawn, mussels and crab from the station. 

From the Italian station, there's a pizza and pasta. Tasted quite yum!

From the carving station there's a Prime Ribs steak. The beef tasted okay, but the gravy was tasteless. 

From the chinese station, there's a Roasted Duck, Steamed Chicken and Hainanese Rice. Quite yum. There's also some dimsum that wasn't taste that good.

From the porky porky station ;D there's a yummy pork steak with an addictive pork skin! Also the pork sausage that was so yummy. haha...

And of course, there's a looottttt more kind of food that I couldn't try. But they also done a good job at the Indian station. The briyani was so fragant!

And the dessert, oh yeah.... Ice cream provided by New Zealand Natural. No doubt, it's yummy. 

And some cheesecake, tart, pudding, mousse, meringue which tasted just okay to me ;)

Good thing about the buffet on this restaurant is, they also provide the drinks! Yayy....! 

Sailendra Restaurant
JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jl.DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E.1.2 No 1&2,
Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.
Phone : (021) 57988888


  1. I like your post and it is so good and I am definetly going to save it



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