Food Review : Tokyo Banana

I've been heard that this yummy snack from Japan was raving around the instagram and also the world. Japan is very well known with their wideeee varieties of snacks, and all of them was very yummy! Thank God I got this generous friend of mine who had a trip to Japan, and bring back some snacks from the cherry blossom country :)

From their website, it is said that they had a box of 4, 8 ,12 and 16. With the range of prices from ¥470 to ¥2000 ( USD 5 - 21 ). They also had many kind of flavor, and also a leopard print cake ! Uber cute!

So how does it taste ? So it's basically a sponge cake with banana flavored custard filling. The cake was so moist and soft. The filling was quite thick but you barely can't taste the banana. It was good, but not great IMHO. I still prefer the Shiroi Koibito cookies though :) 

How about you guys? Have you try this tokyo banana? or have you try another yummy snack from Japan ? ( besides those green tea kit-kat :p )


  1. Hi!!
    How was "Tokyo Banana"??
    I live in Tokyo but I've never eaten it yet lol.

  2. @ Abe -san : Haha! how come u haven't try it? I think Tokyo banana famous because of the foreigners.

  3. Your review makes me more curious about this cute Tokyo Banana. ;O
    My Boss is a Japanese and sadly he brought Tokyo Banana no Kurobe as a gift, not this one, and tasted like Shiroi Koibito with hint of Banana.
    Maybe you'll like it. ;)

  4. Aww...anything that include the banana flavor always makes me nuts.
    and banana custard filling is sound irresistable :9

    This week new post:

  5. Lucky me to have a Japanese boss, hence the regular blessing of Tokyo Banana. I once requested for the one with leopard print (Choco Banana), but he said it is only available at Tokyo Sky Tree branch (which people queuing for hours to get there).

  6. I have just ate it & it feel standard for my Indonesian tongue. Not too special. Green Tea KitKat taste better. v(^_^)v

  7. do you know what is the content of that famous original Tokyo banana?

  8. do you know what is the food or extract content of this famous original Tokyo banana?



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