Food Review : Otak Otak Si Dia

Today I got a package from Otak Otak Si Dia, a local home-business with delivery service. Otak -Otak is always my favorite snack. But too bad is quite hard to found a good one nowadays. The highly price of mackerel fish maybe are one of the reasons.

Not only in Indonesia, Otak - Otak or Otah can also found in Singapore or Malaysia. This soft and chewy cake made from fish meat and spices are very addictive. Wrapped in banana leaf and then grilled to perfection also gives a nice smokey taste. To enjoy otak-otak, we also dip it to the sweet spicy peanuts sauce. Yes.... one is never enough! :D

Back to Otak- Otak Si Dia, to me, this otak-otak meets all the criteria right after the first bite. Generous portion and yes, I can taste the mackerel fish! Savory and not too chewy. Yum yum! 

The peanuts sauce also addictive too! Quite spicy!
Dip Dip ;D

The price is only IDR 4.000/ piece. With minimum order of 20 pieces, you can enjoy this otak-otak right to your door!

Otak Otak Si Dia
Phone   :  ( 021 ) 26 170 180 - David
Email    :
Twitter  : @otakotaksidia


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