Cooking Class at Hotel Pullman Jakarta

Last week I was invited by Pullman Hotel Jakarta for their very first Cooking Class. Since I love cooking so much, I was directly saying yes to the offer even though I always had a busy Saturday :p 
It was a great experience! Since I never cook Indian food before, and finally had a chance to do it.

In this occasion, we also been introduced to Mr. Sunardi Song, the new Director of Food and Beverages, and also Chef Ranjit Debnath as Chef de Partie of Pullman Hotel Jakarta. So let's cook shall we? ;)
Mr. Sunardi Song - courtesy of Pullman Hotel Jakarta
Chef Ranjit Debnath

I paired up with Culinary Bonanza for the class and the first menu that we cook that day is Paratha Bread. This flatbread originated from India it's already popular in many countries. Paratha bread is very yummy when paired with some curry. The second one that we cook is Chicken Curry. This chicken curry is very yummy and more healthy too, since we don't use any coconut milk. 
This is it ! The results with my own presentation ;p
And this one is made by Culinary Bonanza :D

Wanna know how to make it ? Here's the recipe. 

Paratha Bread

Ingredients : 
   - 250 grams Whole - wheat flour
   - 4 grams salt
   - 15ml Vegetable Oil
   - 125ml Water
   - Ghee (  Indian Clarified Butter or Minyak Samin in Bahasa ) or butter for greasing

Directions :
   - Sift the flour and salt together. Mix in the oil and water and knead to make a soft dough ( Chef Ranjit said he knead the dough with the mixer for 2 hours )
   - Cover the dough with a damp cloth and keep aside for 30 minutes.
   - After resting the dough, divide the dough equally into 5 balls and dust with flour.
   - Flatten the dough balls with rolling pin
   - Heat the non- stick pan, and put in the dough. Cook both the sides well until brown spots appear and it becomes crispy. Greased some Ghee or Butter.
   - Serve hot

Chicken Curry 

 Ingredients : 
   -  800grams Boneless Chicken, cut into 8 pieces
   -  100ml Vegetable Oil 
   -  2 Bay leaves ( tej patta )
   -  6 Green Cardamoms
   -  6 cloves 
   -  150gram Onion, 36 gram Ginger, 36gram Garlic ( ground into paste )
   -  1tbsp Red Tomato paste
   -  1tsp Coriander powder
   -  75gram Cashew Nut, 200gram Yoghurt ( ground into paste )
   -  2tsp chopped green chilies ( add more if you want more heat ) 
   -  2tsp oregano 
   -  Salt and White Pepper to taste  
   -  150ml Cooking Cream
   -  2tbsp Ghee  
   -  1 1/2cup water

Directions : 
   -  Heat the oil in heavy- bottomed pan, add bay leaves, cloves and cardamoms, saute until brown.
   -  Add the green chillies, onion, ginger,garlic paste and stir fry till the oil separates
   -  Add coriander powder, red tomato and cashew nut - yoghurt paste,  stir fry for 2 minutes
   -  Add the chicken and cook for 3 minutes. Add Ghee, oregano, Salt and White pepper. Stir and add the water. Cover and simmer in low heat until reduced.
   -  After the chicken already tender, fold in cream.
   -  Serve hot

Green Cardamoms and Cloves

After the cooking class, we had a yummy lunch at Collage Restaurant ( my previous review of the restaurant here ). Since there's an Indian Food Promotion during March - April 2013, I've also tried their Indian food.  There's a various Paratha ( include cheese :p ), Chicken and Fish Tandoori, Rogan Josh ( Lamb ),  Dal Makhani ( Lentils ), Basmati Rice and also various chutney ( mint, mango,etc ). Seriously, They were all so spicily yummy!  

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  1. Hi, this is Abebee!!
    I love Indian foods, that's so awesome!!

  2. Guess what, I met Mr. Song last week and he said that ours tasted the best among the rest! I asked if he was serious and he said the chefs agreed too! Cheers to us! Wonderful cooking time with you =))

  3. It is the great cooking recepies that makes to enjoy the hotel places as I always love to enjoy the traditional Jaipur hotel food along their serve style with their traditional way to explore the beauty in every thing.

  4. You had shared such a great recipe with us, I will share this on my platform cheap gadgets online



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