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Christmas is here! Sorry for not posting any lately, because I'm superrrrr busy. But the holidays is here, so finally I could found some relaxing time to post something ;D 
Christmas is a time to share your time with family and friends. Every Christmas I'm usually busy with the Christmas dinner and exchange gifts. It's a tradition that I always treasured. 
So I have this plan of Christmas dinner with the girls, and since we have to do it on weekdays, we need some good place, but not that far so we doesn't have to be stuck in the traffic. Thank God I just remember that there's a recently open restaurant at Sunter Icon ( which very near to my house ), so why not giving it a shot.

Atmosphere : 
Surprisingly, this place is quite spacious and nice. I always love a high ceiling space. The brick walls and wooden furniture also gives a warm vintage atmosphere here.

Price :
Quite affordable. IDR 50.000 - 100.000/ person

Food :
For the starter we order Crispy Mushroom - IDR 27.000,-. It's a big fried champignon mushroom served with mayonnaise sauce. I think the mushroom quite tasteless, so they need to put some seasonings though.

Then, Salt and Pepper Calamari - IDR 32.000,-. Too bad, this calamari is also tasteless, chewy and we surely can't taste the salt and pepper.

For the main course, I order Salmon steak with a choice of Peri Peri Sauce - IDR 60.500,-. The salmon taste fresh and perfectly cook. Served with some salad with a nice dressings. The peri - peri sauce is quite hot, bit too oily, I don't think it goes well with the salmon though.

Rosemary Chicken - IDR 60.500,-. Look for the portion! With that price, I think it's quite a deal right? The taste is quite okay since the meat is a bit dry. 

Pesto Cream Pasta - IDR 35.500,-. The pesto sauce was really good, but too bad the spaghetti is totally overcooked!

Chicken and Mushroom Risotto - IDR 36.000,-. The taste was nice and creamy, but I don't think they use an appropriate rice for risotto like Arborio. Since the texture was taste like usual Indonesian rice.

For the drink, I order their mocktail, Galaxy - IDR 29.500,-.It's a mixture of orange, mango, strawberry and soda. Taste just okay.

Dessert, we order Apple Crumble - IDR 35.000,-. Well.... this dessert is definitely below my expectation. When we think about apple crumble, we always want a buttery crumble on top and a strong cinnamon taste on the apple, but we didn't get that here. The crumble is almost like a panko, like a sand, wasn't nice to eat.

Melted Choco Volcano - IDR 35.000,-. Oh yea, this is definitely a chocolate goodie! The taste is just perfect, but I think it's still too runny. Need more time to bake.

The Meat Company
Sunter Icon Food Point
Jl. Griya Sejahtera, Sunter Agung, Jakarta Utara
Phone     : (021 ) 293 76 276
Facebook : Carnivor
Twitter : @CarnivorTMC



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