Yummy Traveler's 2nd Anniversary !

Hello Yummy Readers ! 
Did you know that The Yummy Traveler's blog having its 2nd Anniversary on last 21st October? Yes it is ! :D and since me myself having my birthday on December, so why not sharing the joy in the middle of it  ( read : November ) ? :p 
It's near Thanksgiving week too! So I think it's a perfect time for me saying big big thanks for all of you dear readers and friends for all your supports ! Looking back 2 years ago, I even didn't expect how this blog could grow like today. I didn't say that I have the best blog in town, but I surely embrace every moment of it and the process of 'growing up'. There's sooooo many changes that I do since I've started this blog, but hey, stay with me. I am changing and I will keep changing ( in a good way ). I don't like living in boxes. 
So.... what's next ? Well.... Even though I had many goals in my mind, I didn't know what the future will bring. It's funny somehow looking at many people trying to be a 'well-known' food blogger nowadays?! I'm not that ambitious. Haha... I just do what I love to do,  and if people appreciate it, it's a bonus ;) 
Last words I wanna say thanks to all my Food Bloggers friends ( please check The Yummy Buddies boxes on the right ) to be my source of inspirations and learning. My family and friends, who always support me ( and sometimes accompany me to attend the food tasting ;p ). My one and only God, who opening the doors and giving me the talent and skills that I need. *Cheers !*

______________________ CLOSED ______________________

 The 3 Lucky Winners are ....
 -  An Nur Khairisa
 -  Nabilla Reysa
 -  Yohana

So let's move to the interesting part.   

                         Y U M M Y   G I V E A W A Y !  

I'm giving away  IDR 200.000 voucher for each 3 lucky winners
The vouchers are from Nomi, Inc. which you can use at the following restaurants :
  - Maroush - Middle Eastern Restaurant & Champagne Bar
     Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2nd Floor

     Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto, Kav 2- 3
  - Anatolia - Aunthentic Turkish Restaurant
      Jl. Kemang Raya No. 110 A
  - Front Page Wine and Dine
      Plaza Gani Djemal, 
      Jl. Imam Bonjol Kav. 76-78

Vouchers valid until 4th January 2013

How to join ?
Don't worry, it's veryyy easy! 

Here's the Terms and Conditions :
- Only for you who residence in Jakarta
- Follow my twitter @Nvicl and my Google Friend Connect ( there's a button at the right side of my blog)
- Tweet anything about www.YummyTraveler.com ( in example : Kalau bingung cari restoran enak dimana, just check out www.YummyTraveler.com ) you can tweet as much as you can and don't forget to mention me ok!
- Post on my comment box your Name, Email, Twitter Name. So I know who you are.
( in example :

Tweet already !
Name : Victoria
Email : victoria@yummytraveler.com
Twitter : @Victoria )

This giveaway STARTED NOW and CLOSED on Sunday,25th November 2012, 24:00 ! The winner will be announce around 26th- 28th November 2012. I will send the voucher via JNE. So what are you waiting for yummy readers?? Join and win it ! ;D


  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary to your blog!!! And Happy early Birthday :)

  2. Tweet already!
    Name: Nabilla Reysa
    Email: nabillareysa@yahoo.com
    twitter: @reysaisechaa

  3. Happy Birthday the yummy traveler! ikutan aah kuisnya hihi..

    Tweet Already!
    Name: An Nur Khairisa
    email: annur.khairisa@gmail.com
    twitter: @ichakhairisa

    I am soooo interested with your YUMMY GIVEAWAY!

    Tweet already!
    Name: Febe Amelia H.
    email: febeamelia@gmail.com
    twitter: @febeamelia

  5. Happy 2nd Anniversary for Yummy Traveler! \(^^)/ Hopefully your blog will keep on getting yummier and yummier. :D

    I'll be a participant in the giveaway! :P

    Name: Prawnche
    Email: cole_private@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @foodventurer_me


  6. hello, I'm Abebee from IG.
    happy to see you here.
    why don't we keep in touch here also??


  7. @ Selba : Thanks for the greetings dear!

    @all : Thanks for joining!

    @Abebee-san : Nice to meet u here!

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