Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit

So I just found out that this steakhouse is just recently open in Kelapa Gading area ( Yes, my area ! :p ). According to my longggg-ago post ( even the pictures are still with pocket camera ) here, it seems they're already separate their venture. One is Steakhotel by Holycow ( at Radio Dalam and Kemang ), one is this one, Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit ( at Senopati and Kelapa Gading ). Well it does happen in business, doesn't it? Been there, done that ! #curcol

Atmosphere :
I came for a dinner time, and it's packed! Well.. the place are not too spacious though, only 1 shophouse. The interior was dominate with red and white color.

Price :
around IDR 80.000 - 120.000/ person ( 8-12USD )

Food :
Holycow quite famous with their 'affordable' wagyu. Even though we're not sure what grade are those wagyu, but yeah... who cares with grading when we just hungry for steak. 

That time I go with my female friends, so we decided to order some and share. First is Prime Sirloin Steak - IDR 65.000,-. They ran out of tenderloin, so that's why we choose the sirloin one. Well the beef are chewy and oily. Still chewy even we order it medium, and ... I wonder how they grilled it ( or maybe pan fried first then grilled?), but it's just very oily. I know I also didn't like my steak to be dry, but... maybe if they put some small cubes of good butter right after they grilled it, it would be moreeee tasty. However, the mushroom sauce, is always our favorite! Bad for the steak, but good for the fries :D

Next is, Wagyu Sirloin - IDR 98.000,-. I seriously questioned why they put the name 'wagyu' there if the taste are just same with usual sirloin? haha... Still chewy and oily though. But, one thing I like about their steak is they put some Italian herbs seasonings on it. I have order to the waiter to put moreeeee of the seasoning for the next one. 

Then, we order Rib Eye Big Bites ( 400gr )  - IDR 100.000,-. I found this quite a nice deal. You got a 2 piece of steak and I found that Rib Eye one are more tender than what I have before. And yes, it's taste better with moreee of the herbs seasoning.

Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit
Jl. Raya Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok WB2 no.16
North Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +6221 4508413
Facebook: Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit
Twitter: @SteakHolycow


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