Food Tasting Invitation : Alcoholics Bar

To be honest, I'm not actually called myself a drinker. I get 'red' so easily and suddenly sleepy after I drink. Lols ( You can judge ). But I do love to try any kinds of drinks, and I do like cocktails and white wine ( and moscato, and champagne, and ice wine lolsss ) ;D  I already knew about this place when a foodie friend Culinary Bonanza , asks me whether I can join the invitation or not. Of course I say yes, it's already gets my attention at the first place when I've seen some tweets about how all the menu are cooked with alcoholics drinks. 'The only place where you can "EAT" alcohol', that's what they said. Concept speaks!

Atmosphere :
Alcoholic Bar located in the hype Kemang area, with many bars and restaurants alongside the road. Even though the place not too spacious, but it has a great ambience. Modern and minimalist, combination of monochrome color, black and white, perfect for hangout. 

Price :
Around IDR 100.000 - 150.000/ person ( 10 -15 USD / person ).
They had ongoing promotion every Sunday which you can enjoy a 3 course meal ( appetizer, main course and dessert ) with free flow sparkling wine for IDR 250.000++.

Food : 
Kind of late that day, so I missed the appetizer which is Green Peas Cream Soup with Diced Pork Knuckle. But that's okay, as I enjoying my welcome drink which is a Champagne from Italy and Strawberry Sparkling Champagne from Chile.

Then, the brunch begin with Foccacia with Cointreau Gravlax Salmon, Scrambled Eggs and Rocket Salad - IDR 50.000,-. Well... I could eat this kind of brunch everyday haha... The cointreau gravlax salmon was quite memorable. A lil bit dense like smoked salmon, sweet, you still can taste the cointreau, but it's not that strong at all ( so it's definitely okay for you who allergic to alcohol :p ) 

What is brunch without Egg Benedict ? so here are Egg Hemingway Gravlax Salmon - IDR 50.000,-. The difference with usual egg benedict is, the Hollandaise sauce are cooked with white wine. Taste just ok for me, but I prefer the usual hollandaise which has a lemony flavor in it.  I also think the muffins, are too soft and fluffy. I prefer it is toasted like usual english muffins, so we still got some textures in this dish. The rocket salad itself, dressed beautifully in balsamic vinegar.

Portobello Benedict - IDR 45.000,-. Same ingredients but the difference is this one using Portobello Mushroom.

Eggs Blackstone - IDR 45.000,-. Egg & bacon, couldn't go wrong with that.

For the main course, first round is Crispy Amaretto Pork Belly with Baked Beans - IDR 68.000,-. First thing is, yes they're generous with the portion. Second, Pork Bellyyyyyy how could you go wrong with it? The Amaretto gives a nice sweet taste to it, tender and juicy, perfectly cooked with crispy skin on top. Maybe for Asian taste buds, this pork belly taste a bit lack of seasoning. But to me, sometimes it's good to enjoy the meats for what it is. The baked beans, oh my... it's been my favorite ! Not like usual baked beans with it's strong tomato taste, this one had less sauce, but taste sweet as well. Love how they combine the chick peas with red beans!

Next is Pork Ribs - IDR 180.000 ( whole )/ IDR 90.000 ( half ). I forgot how they marinate the ribs, it's with Jack Daniel's if I'm not mistaken. The meats are tender with sweet taste. Quite nice.

Then, Salmon Crepes with White Wine Mornay Sauce - IDR 40.000,-. Love the thin flimsy crepes, but too bad the abundant White Wine Mornay Sauce overpowered the Salmon itself. Need more seasoning on the sauce. Maybe cheese could make it better. And yeah... love the caramelized onion.

Last one is, Ocean Thermidor & Cheese Bruschetta served with salad and red wine caramelized onions - IDR 50.000,-. The lobster tasted fresh and comes in quite big bites. Mixed with the cheesy cream sauce...... Heaven ! One of my fave dish of the day!

We also been served with another champagne, which turns to be the most favorite champagne of the day. haha... Sweet and refreshing!

For the dessert we've been served with complimentary Champagne Jelly Shot and Home Made Vodka Raspberry Sorbet - IDR 28.000,-. The champagne jelly taste just okay, and the sorbet taste very refreshing but with strong Vodka taste.

I do had a great time there and I love their concept, thanks Alcoholics Bar for inviting! ;)

Alcoholics Bar & Grill
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72N,
Jakarta Selatan 
Phone      : +62 21 719 5675
Facebook :
Twitter     : @Alcoholics_Bar


  1. You made my jaw drop! They're all so tempting, and it's in a middle of the night right now. :(



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