Food/Restaurant Review : Magnum House of Chocolate

Couple weeks ago, after attending some food tasting event, me and my foodies friend Urukyu , Jenzcorner and Selba, decided to get some snack because we haven't fulfilled enough from the previous food tasting :p Already around Grand Indonesia mall, someone come up with an idea to visit a new re-openly Magnum Cafe. Not a bad idea after all, so let's jump in!

According to the rumors around, we have to line up if we wanna eat at this restaurant. But it's weekdays and around lunch time, so the queue not crazy at all. The house still packed, but we still can get a table :)

Atmosphere :
I kinda like the entrance of this restaurant. Long narrow alley with nice decorated wall and .... red carpet ( nah... don't practice your 'walk' there :p ). The restaurant itself quite cozy with dark wood floors, and vintage theme decorations. There's also an outdoor seating though. And yeah, if you notice, the whole room has a sweet chocolate smell. Yum. :p

Price :
Around IDR 60.000 - 80.000/ person ( 6 - 8 USD/person )

Food :
We decided to have some 'snack', so that's why we only order some light bites. Champignon Frit - IDR 25.000. It's a deep fried mushrooms served with tartare sauce. The mushroom quite crunchy enough, but I just don't like how they present it with 'kertas bungkus nasi'. Such a turn off :p

Calamari Vindaloo - IDR 35.000. It's a curry fried calamari with kaffir lime sauce. The calamari taste quite crunchy with a nice spice flavor.
Crepes De Leuven - IDR 35.000. It's a black forest crepe with dark chocolate truffle magnum stick, chocolate shavings, and cherry compote. I recommend you to share this dish. haha... Chocolate taste crepes, abundant chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream ( with chocolate coating ), oh man.... it's just overwhelming. I'm not a big fan of the crepes, because it's a bit too rubbery. I prefer the soft and flimsy crepes :p The chocolate sauce, heaven. The cherry compote, gives a nice sour taste. Perfect to balance the chocolate. And yea... I love the presentation.

Mont St. Aubert - IDR 29.000. This is vanilla magnum shake with crumbled oreos, hazelnuts and whipped cream. If you ever try cookies n cream blended drink, this is just taste the same.
Cafe Du Belge - IDR 29.000. Blended chocolate truffle magnum stick with fresh espresso and molten chocolate syrup. Just, yummy.
Well overall, it's quite satisfying to me. I think I would pay a visit again sometime for their 'heavy' menu ;)

Magnum Cafe - The House of Chocolate
Grand Indonesia
West Mall 6th Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta.
Facebook : MagnumTwitter : @MyMagnumID



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