Food Tasting Invitation : Bengawan at Keraton - The Plaza

Several weeks ago I was invited by Keraton Hotel at The Plaza to savor their signature restaurant, Bengawan. At first I didn't know that there's a hotel around The Plaza, so I just knew that they just recently opened this year. Keraton at The Plaza was a brand of Luxury Collection Hotel under Starwood Hotels and Resorts, so no wonder that this hotel is very alluring and luxurious.

What I like about the concept about this hotel is attention to details! You can have your personal butler, you can do check in's in your bedroom ( no need to go to the reception), and you can find a little sanctuary behind all those hectic and rush that Jakarta's always offer. The interior was amazing too. Masculine with Black color dominating ( my fave color is black! That's why! :p ), Indonesian originated sculptures and center pieces, high quality materials and furniture, well... it all comes together really well!

Since I'm not a travel writer, I have to back on the business don't I ? ;D As I mention before, Bengawan is the signature restaurant from Keraton. Bengawan is an old Javanese word of river, so that's also reflects in their interior. Elegant but not rigid. I love the touch of colors, it lifts up the ambience, fresh.

With the limit of spaces that they had, Bengawan knows that they couldn't offer many kinds of cuisine. But the good thing behind it, they maximize all they're could offer with serving high quality food ingredients. Not just that, I also loveeee their cutlery and plates! Ok... so for starters, we've been served with fresh bread, and for accompany it I took Broccoli Cream Soup and Lettuce Romaine Salad with Bacon Bits and Cheese. All of it tasted nice!
From the appetizer corner, I took some mini version of Gado - Gado ( Indonesian Salad with Peanuts sauce ), Tuna Wasabi Mayo and Crab Cucumber Salad. The presentation was nice! But for Gado- Gado, I had a difficulties to mix it with the peanuts sauce at the bottom. Well it tasted nice, but it tasted better if we can mixed it well with the sauce. The Tuna Wasabi Mayo..... addictives!! Very well combinations of mayo and wasabi.
From the seafood corner, I took lil bit of them all. Tasted fresh !
From the Pasta corner, we tried Penne cooked in Pesto sauce. Al dente and nice pesto sauce!
From the Indonesian corner, We took their signature Nasi Keraton and also the other dish like Otak- Otak Ikan Salmon ( Salmon Otah ), Sawi Saus Tauco ( Endives cooked with Fermented Soybeans ), Gulai Tunjang, Semur Ayam ( Chicken stewed in sweet soy sauce ). Nasi Keraton similar like humble Nasi Uduk/ Nasi Lemak with shredded chicken, tempeh, green beans and omelette. Otak- Otak Ikan Salmon tasted spicy but very flavorful! Really like it! Sawi Saus Tauco was a fail for me, because using tauco wasn't well enough for endives. Gulai Tunjang ( Kikil ) was a winner too! Very tender and flavorsome! Yum!
Also from the Indonesian corner is, Sop Buntut ( Oxtail Soup ). This one also a winner. A savory broth with tender oxtail meat. Nice!
Another Indonesian food, Ayam Bakar Rica ( Grilled Chicken Rica ). Yes it's spicy! But I think a lil bit too salty and dry for me.
There's also Japanese corner and Noodle corner.

What interesting here, they also had pass around food carts that could come to your table. This two carts serve Foie Gras ( Yes! Foie Gras !!!!!! ) and carving selections.
Pan Fried Foie Gras served with toasted Brioche, Apple Marmalade, Onion and Red Wine Reduction Sauce. I love the combination of sweet and tarty taste of the foie gras! Yum!

The other one from the cart is Grilled Rib Eye with vegetables and red wine reduction sauce. This medium rare rib eye taste nice with the sauce.
It's time for the beverages ! If you looking for some interesting cocktails, yes they have! I say it's interesting because they had a special selections of cocktails that really represent Indonesia. That time I order, Gado - Gado Margarita ( Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lime, Cucumber and Peanut ) - IDR 135.000,-. To me, this drink quite interesting. It does represent Gado-Gado with it's strong cucumber and peanuts taste! haha... and that chili on top? Sexy huh? :D
Next is Pasundan Fashioned ( Crushed Indonesian Pohpohan leaf and beetroot, bourbon, fresh local pineapple, lime, honey) - IDR 135.000,-. Fruity and very refreshing! I love the presentation too!
The non alcohol drink that I order is, TWG Moroccan Mint ! Haha... my most fave flavor from TWG ;p I kinda like the pot! Sleek design.
Peach Ice Tea. This glass is superrr tall ! Lol.
Now.... the best that are yet to come, Desserts !! Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Mango Mousse, Creme Brulee, ohhhh.... all of it was heavenly ! I think they're quite good with the desserts! The strawberry gelato also tasteee heavenly!

And here are their package and prices :
· Breakfast Buffet Package (Rp. 225.000++)
Inclusive appetizer, main course ( Western + Asian ) in buffet and a la carte menu, dessert, live cooking selection, pass around smoothies and croissant, egg selections, soft drink, fresh juices, fresh brewed coffee and tea.
· Lunch Buffet Package (Rp. 288.000++)
Inclusive appetizer, main course (Asian + Western), dessert, live hot cooking selection, pass around Foei Gras and carving selections, fresh brewed coffee and tea.
· Dinner Buffet Package (Rp. 188.000)
Inclusive buffet appetizer, dessert, fresh brewed coffee & tea
· Brunch Package (Rp. 388.000++)
Inclusive all non-alcohol Beverage, appetizer, main course ( Western + Asian ) in buffet and menu, live cooking pasta, unlimited pass around, pass around (mie goreng, nasi goreng, foeigrass, carving selections), noodle Selection, dessert, pass around beverage, fresh brewed coffee and tea, welcoming bubble.
· Beverage Package (Rp. 288.000++)
free flow red wine, white wine, champagne, cocktail, martini.

I really enjoying my time there, the overall food was amazing and it was a pleasures to be invited. Thanks Ms Ivana and Keraton at The Plaza for inviting!

Bengawan Signature Restaurant
Keraton at The Plaza
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 15, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Phone : ( 021 ) 50680000
Facebook : Keraton at The Plaza
Twitter : @KeratonJakarta


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