Food Review : Macaroni House

A couple times ago, some local home business send me some of their products to taste, Macaroni Schotel ( Baked macaroni ) or usually Indonesian called it 'Macaroni Panggang'. Macaroni Schotel is quite well known around Indonesian people. It could be a great snack, or could be a fulfilling dish. It could be one of a must-dish while we have a party or maybe just a delicious gift. Such a heartwarming type of food!

It is said that Macaroni Schotel was bought by the Dutch colonial. Schotel itself is a Dutch word for 'dish'. If you search around google, apparently this dish quite originally from Indonesia :p I mean... we have our own recipe that is different with the other baked macaroni dishes. The difference is usually we put corned beef and ... nutmeg! yum!

Back to the business, Macaroni House started by homecooked mom who has a passion in culinary. She started this business and you can tell, she's serious. First, look from the packaging. Cute design and very handy. Perfect for event or parties, or maybe just 'to go' food.

That time I got a chance to taste 4 kind of their products, and yes.... for this post I had fun creating my own settings and stuff. Let me know what you think about it okay ? ;)
The first is is Chicken Pesto. Ok this is the very first I had Macaroni Schotel with Pesto taste, and..... I like it! I always loveeee pesto! I love the exquisite taste of basil, and I heard they also used pine nuts that they bought from Australia to make the pesto. and yea... That's why this kind was a limited edition ;) Oh yea... what I found out is they also used long macaroni instead of usual macaroni though.

Next one is Three Cheese. What's interesting from this kind is they put some paprika in. Taste salty with some kick from paprika.

Then, Bolognaise. For this one I think I could not really taste the bolognaise sauce. Need more taste of tomato, and adding oregano would be better I think ;)

Last one is Smoked Beef. Taste quite cheesy but I think need more smokey taste of the smoked beef.

Well overall I think this kind of Macaroni Schotel is slightly mild besides the other than I've been try. I don't know about you guys, but to me a yummy macaroni schotel is cheesy, creamy & egg-gy ( lols I mean more eggs ). But if you like a light taste, I bet you will like this ;)

And here are the prices :
- Rectangular Small 9x15x3cm - IDR 37.500
- Square Large 20x20x4.5cmIDR 210.000
- Oval Medium 10x19x4.5cmIDR 80.000
- Cup personal size – IDR 15.000
- Bitterballen – 1 pack isi 12 pcs,
IDR 30.000

Macaroni House
Phone: (021) 5803464, (021) 91702502, or sms 0812 8232 4272
Twitter : @macaroni_house
Facebook : Macaroni House


  1. geesss......!!!!!!!!!!!! delicious!! want to try this very much!! hey blogger,u like kin no taki?

  2. @ Irene: awww thanks ireneeeee

    @anonymous : suka dong. tapi uda lama banget ga makan. haha

    @elma : bukan saya yang buat ahaha

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