Afternoon Bites with Din Tai Fung and Femina & Yummy Giveaway !

Several weeks ago Femina magazine invited me to join their gathering at Din Tai Fung. I believe many of you already familiar with this Chinese food restaurant who's got 1 Michelin star in Hongkong. So they just recently renovated their new Noodle Bar concept in Plaza Senayan.

The new place was not too spacious, but the design quite simple and fresh especially with the quirky design lamp. So for the appetizer, we've been served with Pancake Abon ala Shanghai ( Beef Floss Pancake ala Shanghai ) - IDR 20.000,-. I kinda like this pancake. The beef floss inside quite generous, tasted lil bit sweet and the outside is quite dense and bit crunch. Nice.

The next appetizer is a failed to me, Enoki Goreng dengan cabe ( Crispy Fried Enoki Mushroom with Chili ) - IDR 38.000,-. First I cannot taste the textures of Enoki mushroom, second, the heat from the chili is punching my throat. Don't get me wrong, I like spicy food. But how could you say it if you're keep coughing and your throat is itchy after the first bite?

Then we also served with Sup Wonton Ayam dan Sayuran ( Chicken Vegetables Wonton Soup ) - IDR 32.000 (4 pcs ). I love this hearty soup! Warm and comforting. The wonton also tasted great with generous filling.

Din Tai Fung quite famous with their signature Xiao Long Bao, well I'm quite a fan too. So to welcoming this month of Ramadhan, Din Tai Fung launch their Authentic Indonesian taste Xiao Long Bao! Starting from 2010, they made Opor Ayam Xiao Long Bao, Xiao Long Bao Rendang on 2011, and this year it's time for Xiao Long Bao Satay ! - 4 pcs/ IDR 38.000 - 6pcs/IDR 51.000 - 10pcs/IDR 75.000. Woo... ! Interesting right? I'm quite impress with their idea of mixing their signature food with Indonesian food. As an Indonesian we should proud of our own food, and make them famous in the global world! I think doing fusion is quite a way though, anyway..... back to the Xiao Long Bao satay! To be honest, it's quite weird to me! :p I still love the flimsy skin, but what I can only taste inside is soupy peanuts sauce. Maybe it's better translated if we just dip the xiao long bao into peanuts sauce instead of putting it inside. I don't know... maybe though. But I do appreciate their efforts! It's always fun to try something fusion :D

For the main course we've been served with a nice Hainanese Rice - IDR. 21.000. Then also Ayam Nanas dengan Saus Asam Manis ( Pineapple Chicken with Sweet Sour Sauce) - IDR 50.000. I love the glazy crispy skin, but I think the cuts are too tiny. But it's addictive. I love it!

Next is Ikan Asap Ala Shanghai ( Shanghainese Smoke Fish) -IDR 45.000. The dory fish taste quite delicate with overly sweet Teriyaki sauce, and it's not smokey enough though.

For the veggies is Tumis Buncis dengan Sapi ( Sauteed Green Beans with Minced Beef ) - IDR 52.000. Tasted just ok.

For the dessert we've been served with Mango Fantasy - Personal /IDR 38.000 - Sharing /IDR 58.000. The presentation..... mouthwatering isn't it? A tall shaved ice with abundant mango syrup and mango ice cream on top. To me, I kinda dislike the slight bitter taste of the syrup, but the mango ice cream ( which happen to be Haagen Dazs ) was heavenly !

For the drink, Blackcurrant Bubble Tea. Quite refreshing with bubble inside.

We also gifted with some souvenirs from both Din Tai Fung and Femina. Thanks for inviting !

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I'm gonna share my IDR 100.000 Din Tai Fung voucher to all of you yummy readers !

The voucher Valid until 7th September 2012, for all Jakarta's Din Tai Fung outlets, cannot exchangeable into cash, and can't conjunction with other promotions and IT IS valid on Weekends and Public Holiday.

So here's the terms and conditions ! ( don't worry, it's very easy :D )
- Only for you who residence in Jakarta
- Follow my twitter @Nvicl and my Google Friend Connect ( there's a button at the right side of my blog)
- Tweet one time about ( in example : Kalau bingung cari restoran enak dimana, just check out ) you can tweet as much as you can and don't forget to mention me ok!
- Post on my comment box your Name, Email, Twitter Name. So I know who you are.
( in example :
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This giveaways STARTED NOW and CLOSED on Sunday,12th August 2012, 24:00 ! The winner will be announce around 13th- 15th August 2012. I will send the voucher via JNE. So what are you waiting for yummy readers?? Join and win the 100k voucher ! ( perfect for break fasting right? ;) )

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Name : Yunita
Twitter : @iam_yunita


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  5. Hi Already tweet about you.
    Name : Yunita
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    Twitter : @iam_yunita



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