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What's the name of a town that you could found in any country in the world??? ............... CHINATOWN ! Ha! ;D I know it's not literally named 'chinatown', but I think you will agree there's always some certain area in the city that we can called chinatown, right ? Like in Jakarta, we could say our chinatown was around Petak Sembilan, Glodok and around it.

Whatever your nationality is, I think chinese food are the kind of cuisine that many people already getting used to. We can have chinese food for formal event, or even for just casual family time. We could have Chicken Noodles ( Bakmi Ayam ) in the morning, Various chinese stir fries at the afternoon, and Shabu- Shabu Hotpot for dinner. Well... We could say, we can have chinese food ANYTIME.

In Jakarta, there's always a market for chinese food, it's already a part of our life anyway. So .... opening another chinese restaurant in Jakarta? Hmm.. Why not? Just like Boga Group do here, still one group with Paradise Dynasty ( read my review here ), they're opening a new one in Plaza Indonesia called Paradise Inn. Me and several bloggers was invited by them to try this new chinese delicacies.

Paradise Inn had a nice exotic interior. Cemented floors with combination of bricks and woods. I kinda love the lamp on the ceiling with a touch of vintage flowers.

Now let's start the lunch ! First, we've been served with some appetizers. I'm arriving late that time, so I only got to picture every of them in one plate :p For the appetizer, there's Marinated Jelly Fish with Vinaigrette - IDR 48.000. I always loveeee jellyfish for appetizer. There's nothing wrong with it! :p. Century Egg served with Pickled Ginger - IDR 28.000. Then Sliced Tea Smoked Duck Teochew Style - IDR 68.000. Omg... I love this smoked duck! Savory and a lil bit sweet. Crispy Fried Seafood Roll in Wasabi Mayo Sauce - IDR 48.000. The wasabi mayo wasn't strong enough, the fried seafood roll taste quite nice though, with cherry on top! :p Teochew Style Crispy Fried Prawn Roll - IDR 48.000. This also quite nice, crispy skin and savory inside.

For the main course, we order Double-boiled Pig Stomach with Spare Ribs & White Pepper - IDR 108.000. U know what my dad oftenly cook this at home! And yes I love it! The pork ribs and belly ( or we called it 'tito' ) was tender and nice. The soup itself taste very light but savory, with a kick of white pepper. My dad loves to make this with a strongggg taste of white pepper tho, and I think I prefer that way :p

Imperial pork ribs - IDR 48.000 (S), IDR 68.000 (M). Omg ... I love this. A tender boneless pork ribs with a nice glazy crunch on the outside. Heaven !

Coffee Pork Ribs - IDR 48.000 (S), IDR 68.000 (M). Almost the same with the imperial pork ribs, the difference is more sweet and moist on the glazy skin. And it has a bit bitter kick on the back. Just a bit tho!

Sautéed Venison with Ginger and Spring Onions - IDR 88.000 (S), IDR 108.000 (M). The venison was veryyyyy tender and soft. It almost taste like beef tho! The seasoning also perfect. Yum !

Chinese style Pan-fried Beef Fillet - IDR 118.000 (S), IDR 138.000 (M). This one also nice too. Tender and it's a lil bit more dry than the venison one.

Stewed pork belly served with lotus bun - IDR 15.000/piece. This one also yummmm.. The bun was very fluffy, the stewed pork belly..... omg... sweet, tender.... Perfecto !

Steamed Pomfret Fish with Black Bean and Garlic Sauce - IDR 108.000. The fish was fresh, and the black bean add a nice saltiness to this dish.

Veggies ! We order Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in superior stock - IDR 58.000. Never goes wrong with the trio egg ( chicken egg, century egg & salted egg ) ! Always love this kind! :p

Sautéed Scallops and Asparagus with Spicy Homemade Sauce - IDR 88.000. The asparagus cooked perfectly, and yes it was spicy !

Drinks ! Paradise Inn also serves herbal and floral tea. Lavender,Rosemary, Dried Longan & Chrysanthemum - IDR 25.000/person. I loveeeeee the see-through pot and cup! A very nice presentation!

Very Berry Ice Tea - IDR 23.000. Sweet and lil bit sour. Refreshing !

Desserts!! Chilled Mango Sago - IDR 25.000. Love this one ! Puree mango with sago pearl. Not too sweet tho, so it's perfect!

Mango pudding - IDR 22.000. I know maybe you ask where's the pudding?? :p It is below the milk. Taste just ok.

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Lemonade - IDR 22.000. This one had a strong lemongrass flavor. Somebody likes it, somebody not :D

Double-boiled Hashima with Red Dates and Dried Longan - IDR 58.000. Always love this chinese dessert. Light & refreshing.

Ah Bailing (3pcs) with Red Bean Sago - IDR 25.000. Very thick red bean soup with black sesame mochi.

Durian pancake - IDR 35.000. A flimsy pancake filled with creamy Durian filling. Heavenly !!

Last words, I had a really great time ! Thanks Paradise Inn for inviting :)

Paradise Inn
Plaza Indonesia
Basement Level, Unit 25 - 27A
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: (021 ) 29923848
Facebook : Paradise Inn Jakarta
Twitter : @paradiseindo


  1. Ooooww~ what a very nice lunch you had..!! :9

    Anyway I agreed! I mean, who doesn't like Chinese food?? I believe that every people should have at least one favorite Chinese food. I have a lot though, hahaha..




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