Food/Rest. Review : Kyodai Ramen

I know this is a very late posting! Ha! I go to this ramen place just a couple weeks after this restaurant opens. It's on March I guess. I just recently saw my friend posting this ramen picture on her Instagram, then I just remembered that I haven't post it to my blog yet ! ( I know right !!! ) Yea... Food bloggers are also human. They can forget things easily :d

Anyway, at the first time I come here, I'm pretty disappointed though. I came around 7.30pm, I'm veryyyy hungry, and when I want to order the food, they ran out of mostly... everything! I know they just recently open, but I think when you want to open a restaurant you have to be prepared, right?! First impression is everything. When you can't impress customer at the very first time, there's no guarantee for the customer to coming back right? I found manyyyyy restaurant in Jakarta that are like this though. That's why I'm pretty skeptical when I want to visit a 'new' openly restaurant sometimes.

Atmosphere :

Not too spacious, because it's only 1 Ruko ( shophouse ). The interior was just simple and modest.

Price :
IDR 50.000 - 70.000/ person

Food :

I know many Jakartans are raving Ramen these days. No doubt Hakata Ikkousha ( review here ) was the first who starts this trend :p I came to this place with an expectation to taste those kind of ramen because they also serves Hakata's style ramen with a signature pork bone soup. But yes.... Like I mention before, they ran out of it. So.... apparently that time only one menu left, which is Kyodai Shio Ramen - IDR 45.000,-. Me and my friend was so hungry that time, and because we disappointed of the stock, we decided just order 1 for both of us, then we moved to another restaurant. Fortunately, the ramen that I order wasn't disappointing. The broth, which is a clear salt-based broth was soooo savory. The noodle, taste nice too! Thin and firm. The pork meats also taste yummmyyyy... soft but meaty. I also loves bamboo shoot in my ramen, just giving a nice textures to it. And half- boiled yellow-ish egg? Oh yes! The price also slightly cheaper though.
Overall, this ramen is not disappointing at all. I'll definitely gives this ramen place a second chance, and when I do, I hope they're improving ! :)

Kyodai Ramen
Jl. Boulevard Gading raya LA4 No.8,
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
Phone : 021 - 450 05 09
Facebook : Kyo-Dai Ramen Kelapa Gading


  1. is the clear broth ramen taste better than the hakata ikkousha broth? btw, do u wanna exchange link with my blog? reply me at the comment box on my blog ... looking forward to hear from u soon ;)



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