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I'm so sorryyyyy for not posting anything lately, many new activities that I have to catch up and I have to learn to manage my time better :p You know what, one of my circumstances as a blogger or writer is I have to found my 'mood'. Ikr ! But if I don't have that 'mood' I will be so blunt in writing. Usually my mood comes in the middle of the night tho, idk maybe because it's more peaceful and less-rush time, so it will be more clear and comfortable to write.

Ok enough talking about me, now get into the business here. Lol. A couple weeks ago I was invited by a new openly restaurant at Menteng area. Name is Double Bay. At the first time I came to that place, well... I kinda like the interior. The furniture was like usual vintage classic restaurant, but I like how they twisted it with rustic eclectic quirky kind of feel. Yes it was cozy though. They also had wine collection there, do you see there's Moët et Chandon on the shelf ? Ahh yumm...

Before the dinner start, they serve us with their mocktail which is Menteng Punch, it is a combination of Orange juice, Soursop Juice and Blue Curacao. In my opinion, I don't like the color , but I still like the taste tho. Sour and sweet.

Then the dinner started with an appetizer, Baked Escargots Lemon Garlic Butter - IDR 70.000,- and Smoked Salmon Mesclun Salad - IDR 50.000,-. The escargots taste quite nice and different than the usual escargots that I have eaten. Usually they serves escargots simply with garlic, parsley, cheese and butter, but this one, the sauce was lil bit creamy and has a sour taste in it. I like it, but I still prefer the usual style of escargots tho. Because I still can taste the escargots more rather than the sauce/ dressings. The Smoked Salmon Mesclun Salad was quite nice too. The highlight is the candied cashew nuts, who brings the textures and flavors to the salad. But we still taste the rough granules of the sugar tho, I think it's perfect if it's totally caramelized.

For the main course, each person was able to choose 2 kinds of 4 dish that been served that day. Well me and my friends at the table decided to choose differently then shared together those 4 dish. To make it easy, I will review it one by one ok! :p
First is Tijuana Salmon - IDR 130.000,-. This is pan fried salmon with black bean salsa, lime cilantro cream sauce served with cajun potato wedges. The salmon still pink in the middle, which is perfect, and the black bean salsa..... oh gosh! I'm lovin it ! It goes well with the salmon. But I got some problem here, I think the salmon is over seasoned because it's too salty.

Next is Beef Burgundy - IDR 140.000,-. This is beef tenderloin glazed with red wine burgundy sauce, served with roasted vegetables, roasted garlic and shoestring fries. I love the presentation! And beef and red wine, couldn't wrong with that right ? The beef tender enough, and the shoestring fries gives a nice textures to the dish. Nice.

Pan Fried Dory in Butter Sauce - IDR 70.000,-. This is also my fave! This is seasoned john dory fish glazed in white wine, bacon and butter sauce and served with leek mashed potato. The fish are so soft and fluffy but savory at the same time. Yum!

Last is, Three Cheese Chicken - IDR 72.000,-. From the presentation, it looks like a stuffed calamari isn't it? ;D But it's not! This is stuffed chicken breast with mozzarella, yellow cheddar and parmesan cheese served with tagliolini pomodoro. The saltiness of the cheese esp. the cheddar was overpowering, but still ok tho. The pasta is quite ok too.

For the dessert, they served us Butterscotch Apple Crumble - IDR 40.000,- and Royal Lemon Tart - IDR 40.000,-. I always love Apple crumble or apple tart or apple pie or anything with apple ! So yes... I also love this Butterscotch Apple Crumble! Strong cinnamon taste, and served while still warm. And when the warm apple crumble meets Vanilla ice cream on top,....... HEAVEN ! What I don't like of this dessert is the garnish, which is candied walnut which tasted musty to me. Then the Royal Lemon Tart, tasted nice with a strong sour taste of lemon. A very refreshing dessert!

They also served us with some drink name Bellini. It's a mixed of Rose Wine and Peach Juice. I just love it! :)

Overall, I really enjoying my dinner there. They served us nicely and most of the food tasted nice. I definitely coming back again to try their red velvet pancake or their egg benedicts :p Ah ! One more thing, you have to noticed that all the dish that I've had is NOT the actual portion. It's only for the tasting dinner :D So last words, thanks mba Ignatia Larasati and Double Bay for inviting!

Double Bay
Plaza Menteng GF 9 – 10 ( Formule 1 Hotel )
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto 79
Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 3907623 / 24
Twitter: @doublebayjkt

Facebook : Double Bay Jakarta


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