Starbucks Roast Spectrum

Are you mellow, smooth or bold? No... No... I'm not asking about your character ;D But do you know that Starbucks has a wideeee range of coffee that match your liking? Do you prefer bold and strong coffee? Or you are a type of person that not so friendly with caffeine? Don't worry Starbucks has it all.

Locating on Fx Mall, Starbucks invite press and media, also food bloggers to taste their new variant of lighter roasted coffee, which is Blonde Roast.
Start from March 2012 this new variant of whole bean coffee would be serve on store. Starbucks Blonde Roast has a short periode of roasting the coffee, so the results is really light but still not losing the flavor, body and acidity. If you are new in drinking coffee, I think this is a perfect one for you! :)
Starbucks Blonde Roast has a 2 variant of blend which is, Starbucks Veranda Blend and Starbucks Willow Blend.
Starbucks Veranda Blend was a blend from Latin America, has a combination of chocolate and nut. To me, yes it is light and low acid. But not recommended for a coffee- geek like me ;p
Next is Starbucks Willow Blend, comes from Latin America and East Africa, has a flavor of citrus. Light but has a high acidity. Yes you really can taste the citrus, you can taste the acidity was soooo high. To me, it's quite unique to blend coffee with citrus, but still... I don't feel like it's the perfect one for me:)

Besides the new blonde roast, we also available to taste the other range of coffee which is the Medium and Dark roasted coffee. A total of 12 coffee that we can taste that day ( ow yeah!), they're also had a new design packaging for the whole bean coffee. To make it easier, I will post the diagrams that I take from google :p

As you can see, that's a variant of blend that Starbucks has according to light (blonde), smooth ( medium) until Bold ( Dark ).
From the medium range, I taste Breakfast Blend, Guatemala Antigua, Kenya, Pike Place Roast, And House Blend.
  • Breakfast Blend : A medium-roasted blend of coffees with bright citrus notes.
  • Guatemala Antigua : An elegant, complex coffee with great depth and subtle cocoa and spice flavors.
  • Kenya : A complex and full-bodied coffee with citrus and currant flavors.
  • Pike Place Roast : A medium-roasted coffee with rich flavor, good balance and a smooth finish.
  • House Blend : A medium-roasted blend of coffees with balanced flavors and a hint of nut and cocoa.
Then from the Dark range which is Sumatra, Caffe Verona, Espresso Roast, Italian Roast and French Roast.
  • Sumatra : A dark-roasted, full-bodied coffee with spicy and herbal notes and a deep, earthy aroma.
  • Caffe Verona : A full-bodied, multi-region blend of coffees with the sweet touch of Italian Roast. It’s rich and well-balanced with a dark cocoa texture and a roasty sweetness.
  • Espresso Roast : A full-bodied blend with a rich aroma and a hint of caramel.
  • Italian Roast : A medium-bodied, multi-region blend, roasted dark for a sweet and slightly smoky flavor.
  • French Roast : Light-bodied and intensely smoky, for a bold start to your day.
Also comes up with Spring 2012 beverages, which is Cocoa Cappucino and Caramel Cream Coffee Jelly Frappucino.

We also introduced to a new Spring Food 2012 which is, VIA Red Velvet Roll Cake - IDR 25.000,-. Sooo many people are craving Red Velvet these days. I think to have red velvet in Starbucks was brilliant :D This is a soft roll cake with butter cream and a hint of VIA coffee, and cashews nuts as a toppings. The cake was moist and soft, but I prefer my Red Velvet with cream cheese not butter cream hehe...

Fillo Chocolate Raisin Pastry - IDR 27.500,-. It's a combination of chocolate, almond powder, vanilla, butter and raisins with a thin fillo pastry wraps. I love the nice crunchiness of this food!

Chocolate Raspberry Danish - IDR 22.500,-. I love this danish! With a sugar glazed on top and chocolate and raspberry as a filling, really works together!

Toffee Almond Bars - IDR 21.000,-. This brownie-like bars has an almond, white and dark chocolate cubes, and a strong toffee flavor. It's really nice to combine it with coffee!

And also, the goodies, I got Starbucks Tumbler! yay!

Thanks Starbucks Indonesia for inviting! I really had a good time! :)
Facebook : Starbucks Indonesia
Twitter : @SbuxIndonesia


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