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" For the love of food "
I think it's best describing this restaurant. I'm quite impress with one of the owner's of Q Smokehouse that night. His true passion in cooking and culinary translated well on their menu. Daring and never stop experimenting. It's inspired me a bit since I'm also an aspiring home-cook chef ;d ( Uh huh )
This time, Q smokehouse invited us, food bloggers, to taste their new Mexican menu. There's not many good Mexican food around Jakarta isn't it? I think adding the Mexican menu would be a nice addition to our monotonous culinary here ( Western, Italian, you name it ).
It's my first time stepping on Q Smokehouse - Suryo ( yes they're had another branch at Setiabudi One ), to me, I kinda' like the ambiance and the interior. Lil' bit rustic with the brick walls, and gray tiles, yet modern and minimalist with the colorful comfy sofa and chair.

For their Mexican food tasting menu, first they're introduce us to Taco that we could made by ourselves later. Fun thing about Taco is, we could made it with anything that we like, and the taste will still be good! I've try making Taco at my home before. Even though we need many kinds of ingredient, but still, it is fun when we can mixed it all up according to our likes ;)
For the protein, we can choose between Carne Asada ( Grilled Meat ) - IDR 55.000,- , Baja Fish ( Fried Snapper)- IDR 63.000,- & Barbacoa Beef ( Their signature smoked beef ) - IDR 65.000,-. And as a complement ( yes they're many of it ) there's shredded lettuce, red radish, green salsa, pineapple salsa, guacamole, sour cream, etc.
When it all mixed together, burst of flavor from the meat, the salsa, sour cream and guacamole becoming one. Yum !
Oh ! And yes, all of their protein was yum! The beef grilled perfectly with a peppery taste, the fish is crunchy outside and fluffy inside. Nom.. Nom..

That night, we also been served with Fajita ( Trio Beef, Chicken and Prawn ) - IDR 135.000,-. It's a one of Tex-Mex Cuisine which a grilled meat cooked with onion and bell peppers served on hot iron skillet ( or we called it 'hotplate' :p ). Too bad because we took a photo too long ( yes food bloggers always take pictures before eat ;D ), so the meat kind of dry. But the taste is still nice though. Perfect seasoning. Fajita also been served with the complement ( guacamole, sour cream, cheese, etc ) and tortilla :)

Still on the Mexican menu, Tortilla Soup - IDR 35.000,-. This is a tomato base soup with 3 kinds of beans & tortilla chips. OMG. I love this soup! The soup tasted sweet and tangy, a strong tomato taste. And the tortilla chips, adding the textures. I love it when the crunch meets the soup ( just like eating 'bakso' with 'krupuk' right? ;d )

Besides the Mexican menu, they're also served us with their signature menu which is, Beef Brisket Texas Style with BBQ Sauce - Reg 200gr IDR 99.000,-| Light 150gr IDR 79.000,-. Why this is so special? Because this beef are smoked for 12 hours with the branches of Rambutan tree! Cool right? The owner himself found this technique, and that's what makes Q smokehouse so special. The beef brisket tasted quite tender, and has a nice smokey aroma. The BBQ sauce, not too tangy ( which I love ), really goes well with the meat.

Next is Crispy Prawn Bistro Pasta - IDR 85.000,-. What's soooo good about this pasta is the cream ! They put some lemon on the cream which turns very yum. I never try pasta with lemon cream before, it's surprisingly yummy but also 'light', creamy but lemony. The prawns are crispy too. Perfect!

For the dessert, they serves us new variant that wasn't on the menu, Agave Salsa Sorbet. This a lemon, cinnamon and clove sorbets with ..... salsa ! ( olives, avocado, tomato) and raisins. Ow yeah! haha... a pretty daring dessert. The sorbet was tasted sooo sour... more like a tamarind to me :D and the unique topping, haha... I like it, but I'm not a big fan of it :d

Overall, I really enjoy the dinner. Most of the food was served nicely. Btw Q Smokehouse Suryo also having a 1st Anniversary this month. I wish all the best for you, and I definitely come back in some time. Thanks Q ! :)

Q Smokehouse
Jl. Suryo No. 20 ( Senopati ),
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.
No. Telp: ( 021) 723 5728 / ( 021 ) 722 9202
Facebook : Q Smokehouse Factory
Twitter : @qsmokehouse


  1. Thanks for the great review and pictures !
    Can't wait to welcome you again at Q Smokehouse :)



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