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Japanese is always kind of food that I like. I remember when I'm still at high school, Japanese restaurant is still hard to find, and usually, pricey. Nowadays, Thank God we can found many Japanese cuisine around. From the low until high budget, from original to fusion.
Umaku is one of the restaurant that get my attention. So many good recommendation from other food bloggers, makes me excited to try their dishes. Been invited to their newly open branch which at Alam Sutera, so here I am, ready for a new culinary adventure :p
Umaku Alam Sutera has a nice interior, even not too spacious. I love the hanging paper lamp! Sooo dreamy. Also at the second floor, there's a wall covered with Japanese newspaper, cool.

Before the dinner began, we're playing some fun simple games. Every person got one card of some image, then if we can guess what's the connection of the image with the food that we're gonna eat, we're gonna get IDR 50.000,- voucher. Haha... Ok that time I got Beer picture with Wagyu Beef as a clue. Do you know that usually Japanese people adding sake or beer to the feeding regimen and massaging the Wagyu cattle to get the perfect marbling of the meat? Yes, it is :D After the game, we've been told that what we're gonna have for dinner is according to the card that we've got, I got the beer one, so I got Wagyu Robatayaki.

Karai Ramen - IDR 35.000,-. This ramen is really really spicy! The noodle quite fine, even though it's a lil' bit too overcooked for me.

Sake Yakimesi - IDR 33.000,-. The seasoning was perfect, but I think the rice was too mushy.

Wagyu Robatayaki. The seasoning taste sweet and nice, the beef wasn't taste like Wagyu to me, still lil' bit chewy.

Salmon Grilled Cheese - IDR 27.000,-. I'm not a big fan of putting grated cheddar cheese on top of my sushi. I think it could be better if the cheese also grilled until melted or just using the cream cheese.

Many kinds of Robatayaki. The chicken tasted quite fine.

Sashimi Moriawase Jyo - IDR 44.000,-. I only taste the saba ( mackerel ) sashimi which tasted sooooo fishy.

And this another food that I don't get a chance to taste that day :)
Edamame & Wakame Salad - IDR 26.000,-.

Tempura Moriawase - IDR 35.000,- & Sake Kabutoyaki - IDR 26.000,-.

Spider Roll - IDR 37.000,-.

Volcano Roll - IDR 35.000,-.

Ocha - IDR 5.000,-.

We also got some kawaii souvenir :D

Overall... too bad I think the food was below my expectation. Idk maybe it's just my bad luck only got a chance to taste not their very best menu. I've heard the Volcano and Spider Roll was the bomb though. I think I'll come back later and try that menu :p And oh yea, do you realized that the food price here is soooo affordable ?? ( yes you can eat happily ). So I think that's all, last words, thanks for inviting and I wish you the very best !

Umaku Alam Sutera
Ruko ASTC (Alam Sutera Town Center) Blok 10E No 9
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Phone : (021) 943811633
Facebook : Umaku Alam Sutra
Twitter : @Umaku_alsut


  1. when i saw the picture, i thought the dish was delicious but as i saw what you wrote, it was not tasty apparently. but i would love to try it tho. the sushi with cheese all over it seems good ;)

  2. All dishes sound like so yummy after seeing these dishes my mouth filed with water. Thanks for sharing these delicious dishes with us.

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