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After an invitation for food tasting at Nannini arrived to my email, I had my 'deja vu' moment. Those name are sooo familiar to me, but I couldn't perfectly remember. After short talk with my sister, she ask me, "isn't that the same Nannini at Plaza Senayan??" Then suddenly, my memory has back. Yes! I remember going to Plaza Senayan's Nannini frequently with my family back then. I remembered that the restaurant name was Alessandro Nannini before. Then change into Nannini Grill, and now, it's Nannini.
Established since 1995, sure it's not easy to keeping up the business going on isn't it? Big salute for them, especially when we are invited to a newly open branch at Plaza Indonesia. So, here I am, trying to bring back my memory along when the dinner served.

Located on Plaza Indonesia 2nd floor, Nannini interior was quite classic and elegant. Not too spacious because it's surrounded by the shopping store. I love the marble table and the dark color chair.

When start, Nannini’s operation manager, Fitra, introduced himself and Nannini’s Executive Chef, Francis Lim. Fitra has a background as a mixologist, so for starter he explains the tricks to do kinds of cocktail that would be served later.

For the appetizer, we've been served with Nannini Wild Mushroom Soup - IDR 50.000,-. This is a velvety cream soup blended with wild mushrooms & drizzled with Truffle Oil. I love the using of Truffle Oil here! It's really enriched the taste ! I also love my cream soup still have a textures from the mushrooms. The garnish, which is fried mushroom & garlic bread also superb! nom... nom..

Too bad, from appetizer to main course we have to wait sooo long ( close to 1 hour ) . I was sooo hungry that time, after the food arrived, it was in small portion yet we have to shared with our partner :(
The 1st dish of the main course is Nannini Cordon Bleu - IDR 75.000,-. This is a tender chicken breast stuffed with smoked beef and cheddar cheese, served with potato fries and red wine gravy. I love this dish! The cordon bleu is crispy outside but moist and tender inside. They're using good cheddar cheese ( surely it's not the local one ), because it has a quite strong cheese taste.

Then, Nannini Striploin - IDR 195.000,-. This is a grilled striploin ( normally 200 gr/serving) served with mashed potato and creamy champignon sauce. I don't think the striploin fresh enough. It almost taste like a liver instead of beef, because it's already losing the texture. But I love the mashed potato and the sauce. The sauce was so savory.

Last one, Nannini Salmon - IDR 85.000,-. This is a grilled norwegian salmon served with mesclun salad in balsamic dressing & homemade sauce. The salmon too overcooked for me, because we want our salmon still pinky at the center right? :D Because the salmon is overcooked, it tasted lil bit fishy.

Dessert ! I remember we always having this dessert when we go to Nannini - PS :) Now it's time for me to bring back my memory :D. The legendary, Tiramisu - IDR 65.000,-. The texture was so smooth, creamy but not heavy. Served in super cold temperature and a beautiful presentation, this tiramisu is a worth try for you ! :)

Besides the food, we also been served with many kinds of drinks. First is Beetle Juice - IDR 35.000,-. It's a mix of orange, pineapple, mango, kiwi and passion fruit. Sweet and refreshing.

Then the cocktails, Pineapple Cinnamon Roshka - IDR 80.000,-. It's a mix of vodka, pineapple, lime wedge, and cinnamon. I'm a big fan of Cinnamon, but apparently we couldn't taste the cinnamon in this drink. It's quite refreshing since it has a sour taste from the lime and pineapple in it.

Then, Smokey Rosemary. This drink has some special technique in it. You have to burn the rosemary first until it's quite fragrant. And yes, this drink is really fragrant. It has an aromatique sense of rosemary in it.

Last one, Sangria - IDR 125.000,- ! Don't know why, but I just love Sangria ! Just like my previous post on Sangria here, maybe because I simply love wine, but I'm not much a drinker. The fruits which immersed in it for a night or two definitely reduces the alcohol. Results? Sweet, refreshing but still you can taste a lil' bit of alcohol in it :)

Last words, thanks to Goorme & Nannini for inviting :)

Plaza Indonesia 2nd Floor, Unit L2, No. T. 111
Phone : (021) 2992 3650
Twitter : @nanninijakarta
Facebook : Nannini Jakarta


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