Jack Rabbit 's New Menu Launch

Couple weeks ago, me and several food bloggers has been invited by Goorme and Jack Rabbit to taste some of their new menu. The new man behind the kitchen is the Executive Chef Nizar Achmad. With his background traveling and live around Australia, New Zealand and Stockholm, will surely gives a new air to the Jack Rabbit's menu.

Jack Rabbit itself already known as a hip place for expatriates and also locals. I actually loveeee how they're brand themselves. Their logo and their gimmick is sooooo quirky and cool. Also, the interior.

Back to the New Menu Launch dinner, that time we also been served with the high quality mineral water which is, Evian.

The place already packed with another press and media, so let's hop on to the rabbit hole, shall we? ;D
For appetizer we've been introduced to Salad Trio Combination. First is Tuna Tataki Salad ( IDR 55.000,-). When presented, I think the Tuna Tataki was a lil bit dry though, and the salad dressings, just taste okay.
Second, Grilled Jerusalem Artichoke ( IDR 55.000,- ). It was quite interesting since we don't found many dishes using Artichoke or Jerusalem Artichoke here in Jakarta. If you are curious, Jerusalem Artichoke has a textures like chinese cabbage ( or so :p ) but taste sour. With the walnut dressings, to me it's still lack of dressing though the walnut gives a nice crunch to the salad. The garnish, which is the Chili Coffee Crouton was surprisingly good! That's, definitely the highlight of the dish ;D
The last one is Japanese Garden Salad ( IDR 50.000,- ) To me this is one salad that interesting. You know why?? Because the dressing was form into jelly cubes. Yes jelly ! Ha ! When you eat the jelly by itself, the saltiness of the Shoyu was kicking your tongue. That was probably the reason why people either love it or hate it. Why? Because for people who doesn't know that the jelly was actually the dressing, maybe could be a 'shock-theraphy' for them ;p But to me, when it mixed together, it's actually really good. the flavors are blend together.

Next to the main course, First of the three musketeer was 4hours Slow Cooked Lamb Shank ( IDR 165.000,- ). The Lamb are shredded, served with Mojo Rojo ( Spanish style chili garlic sauce, which I found quite similar with Sambal for Oxtail Soup ;D ) and some Chapati with goat cheese. The chapati taste nice, and the Lamb was quite tender, but when it all mixed together ( also the Mojo Rojo ), I don't think I love it.
Then, Lightly Cured Swedish Salmon ( IDR 145.000,- ) This is Salmon with Asparagus Risotto with some Salmon Roe and Foam ( I forgot if it's prawn's foam or what ) as a garnish. The risotto has a right textures, but I found lack of seasoning. The Salmon, I think it's better if it's half cooked though. I didn't know why, but I'm not a big fan of Salmon when it's fully cooked :p But, the salmon taste fresh !
Last one, Boneless BBQ Beef Ribs ( IDR 159.000,- ). The meat also has been shredded, the sauce was really sour ( like tamarind ) and there's also a chili bite in it. But still, I don't think the flavor goes well together with the beef ribs. Served with the Mashed Potatoes Garlic Pumpkin, it was taste nice though! The textures was creamy and smooth.
Overall, I love the presentation of this trio main course. And the garnish all over the plate, really works well with the dish. I love all the taste of the garnish ( mushroom, truffle ? , and .... some jelly cubes again ;D )

Dessert time! The first of the trio desserts are, Homemade Chocolate Truffle ( IDR 42.000). This is 3 kinds of chocolates which is Jack Daniel's flavor, Ginger Chili ( ow yea ) and Carrot Cinnamon. The Jack Daniel's one taste really strong, the ginger chili taste interesting ( even though I'm not a big fan of it ;p) and the Carrot Cinnamon one taste nice just like the usual chocolate.
Next is Apple Pie ( IDR 48.000,-) This is apple pie served with homemade Cardamom Gelato. Yeah Cardamom ( or 'Kapulaga' in Bahasa ) ! Not everyone a big fan of this though, because this spice has a character of 'biting' your tongue ( you feel your tongue 'numb' in some time :D ). When served, the cardamom gelato wasn't cool enough. So it's more like a mousse/ sauce to me. The apple pie taste nice with cinnamon flavor in it, when it mixed together with the gelato, still the gelato was overpowering the overall taste. So you choose, whether you love it or not ;D
Last one is Raspberry Pannacotta ( IDR 48.000,- ) I think this is the most dessert that I love. It has a creamy yet refreshing taste. A perfect balance between sweet and sour. Really nice, even though the textures wasn't set enough ( still gooey and mousse-like ).

Overall of the dinner that I'm having that day, I think Jack Rabbit's new menu really 'daring'. Why? Because they offer a taste that wasn't friendly to our tongue, it's quirky and surprising, but, do you love it or not, at the end, that's what really matters right? Thank God they gifted us with IDR 300.000,- voucher, so..... I will choose later after I taste some of the other menu :p
Last words, Thanks to Ms Abigail Larasati from Jack Rabbit and Ms Paulia Astari from Goorme for inviting !

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