Food/Rest. Review : Mie Rica Kejaksaan

Maybe many of you already make this noodle a must- eat food when you go to Bandung. I know. "Mie Rica" ( Mie = "Noodle", Rica = "some sort of Spicy sauce" ) is already quite famous now. The level of the spiciness that could make your tongue burns, make this noodle quite a favorite. I think Indonesian are a freak for chili, we crazy about it and we love to let our tongue even our stomach burn eating those "Keripik" or those "Indomie" ( Yeah, me too ) :p

Atmosphere :
Well, since I go there at lunch time, I choose to go at their branch which is in Paskal Hyper Square. It's simply because they open anytime, while the 1st branch is only open at certain time. The place is only 1 "Ruko" ( shop house ) so it's not too big. When I came there, the place is quite packed, and the service is sooooooo bad.

Price :

Quite pricey for noodle only, IDR 25.000 - 30.000/person.

Food :
When I came, the Pork "Mie Rica" is already ran out, so we order Chicken "Mie Rica" instead - IDR 17.000,- . Well.... to me, it's not that special. Yes it's spicy, but what I taste, the sauce is rather sweet. But the noodle is quite nice though.

Then, Spicy Mie Chasio - IDR 21.000,-. I kinda' liking this better than the usual Mie Rica. The noodle already mixed with the chili, so the results is really HOT. Then with 'Chasio' ( Chinese BBQ Sweet Pork ) as a topping, what more could you ask for.

Pangsit Kuah (Shrimp Wonton Soup) - DIR 20.000,-. It is said that the Fried Wonton is quite a bomb too, but too bad it's already sold out too. So we order this instead. It's just taste okay, the soup is quite savory though.

After we finish, apparently the new stock of "Pork Rica" already come, so we just order an extra "Pork Rica" toppings - IDR 8.000,- . Compare to the 'Chicken Rica' it is more savory, but the sauce is quite sweet for me, so for my personal opinion, I like it, but it's not that special ;)

Mie Rica Kejaksaan
Paskal Hyper Square Unit Paskal Food Market Blok B - 43
Jl. Pasir Kaliki No 25 - 27 ,
Kebon Kawung - Bandung.
No Telp. : 022 - 86060699


  1. Aaaa I love this food so bad!!!!

  2. Yummy in my tummy, what a great recipe it is. I will love to try as soon as possible. Such a great share. Good Job

  3. In spite of the fact that it contains pork, the essence of the pigs does not taste by any stretch of the imagination, but rather it tastes great. The place to eat is extremely basic, too not all that much seating. Bear in mind they generally break at 14.00-16.30 and normally 5 minutes before the nearby request and close the entryway.

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