Food/Rest. Review : Bonchon Chicken

"I want nobody nobody but you !"
Nobody - Wondergirls

Yes, If you know those lyric or even familiar with the song, I bet you already infected by the Korean Fever! ;D Not only in Indonesia, but I think many other country also having those Korean Fever everywhere! That Korean drama and Korean music are soooo hypnotizing ( Yeah I have watched and heard some ftw ).

In line with the "trend", I think the demand of Korean food also raising. Everybody now wanna know what is Tteokbokki or BiBimbap or even Kimchi, that they oftenly see what the actor/actress are having at K-Drama :p Nowadays we can easily found many kind of Korean food around us. From the 'original' one or the one that already 'fusion', Bonchon, is also the one not to be missed.

Founded on 2002 in Busan -South Korea, surprisingly Bonchon are quite a hit when they're brought it to USA. After the business are growing, now we also can found Bonchon at Thailand, Dubai, Philippines, Singapore, and also, Indonesia ! :D

Just a few week away from their first opening branch at Grand Indonesia Mall, Me and several bloggers are invited to taste this famous Korean fried chicken. So.... shall we start ?

Atmosphere :
The interior are so interesting. Minimalism meets Industrial. They make it modern and sharp, but still comfy at the same time. Love it.

Price :
around IDR 40.000 - 50.000/ person

Food :
That time we had a chance to taste some of their fried chicken and fish and also their dessert. First, you can choose what part of the chicken that you want. Whether it's wings, drumsticks, thigh, strips or even mixed. Then, you can choose the portions, Small, Medium or Large. After that, you can choose whether it's a Soy Garlic flavor, or the Spicy one.
You have to know that they're frying it upon your order, so you have to wait around 20minutes to get your chicken ( better not if you are in really really hungry conditions :p ). It is said that they're using Canola Oil and some secret frying technique, so you can get a very crispy outside but not greasy on the inside.

So here I am, testing out some of their chicken, which is Soy Garlic Drumsticks - ( 2pieces - IDR 25.000,-/ 4pieces - IDR 45.909/ 8pieces - IDR 88.636 ). Oh yea, I agree, the skin is really crispy, and the chicken meat is tender and juicy yet not greasy. You have to know that the chicken are not marinated before, so maybe you feel lack of seasoning when you only eat the meat. Best you eat it with the skin, because all the flavors are there. But anyway.... I just love it.

Then, Spicy Wings ( 4pieces - IDR 25.000/ 8pieces- IDR 45.909/ 16pieces - IDR 88.636 ). I love the spicy more, because I can taste some 'gochujang' ( which I love ) in it.

Dory Fish ( 3pieces - IDR 38.909/ 6pieces - IDR 62.727/ 12pieces - 99.545 ) To me the fish taste just so -so. I think it will be nicer if the outside also more crispy.

Chicken Salad - IDR 36.818,-

French Fries - IDR 9.090,- Comes in a cup. Taste just okay.

Mochi Ice Cream - IDR 10.000,-. It actually taste quite nice. The outside mochi wasn't too tough, yet there's a milky vanilla ice cream inside it. Simply yum.

Bonchon Chicken Indonesia
- Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta

- Living World
Alam Sutra
Boulevard Kav. 21, Alam Sutra Serpong

- Supermal Karawaci
Karawaci WTS 10, Tangerang

- Citiwalk Sudirman

Jl. KH Mas Mansyur, Jakarta
Facebook : Bonchon Indonesia
Twitter :


  1. Thank you buat reviewnya yah...
    It's been a pleasure having you in our outlet... We glad that you enjoy your time with us. :)

  2. lagi kena demam korea juga nih kayak nya kakak nya haha piss :D

  3. Thanks for the post. All the food is mouth-watering.

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