Casual Fine Dining by Starbucks Indonesia

Couple weeks ago, I've been invited by Starbucks Indonesia to taste some of their new products during winter season. I know we don't have winter here in Indonesia, but Starbucks always have something new every season worldwide. Taking place at the newest Starbucks Branch in Tempo Scan Tower, here I am ready for the coffee - rush ! :p

That time, we're introduce to the newest additions of Whole Bean coffees which is, Guatemala Casi Cielo. Casi Cielo means 'Almost Heavens', with the characteristic of rich and elegant, also taste smooth yet full-bodied. To me, this coffee perfect for those who doesn't like 'strong' coffee. It's not too sharp and smoky. Guatemala Casi Cielo perfect to be matched with chocolate, nuts, caramel, berry or lemon.

The new drinks, for the new year ! Valencia Macchiato ! This drink are a mixed of Sweet Valencia Orange Flavor, hot milk, foam and espresso with honey Valencia drizzle on top. To me, this drink is quite unique. The orange flavor are not too strong, but you can still taste it. Orange mixed Coffee ? Who knows it taste this good!

Now, let's move to the winter food !
First, Starbucks Fruit Toast - IDR. 19.000,-. Two piece of wheat bread containing dried fruits ( cranberry, dark raisins, apricots, papaya, pumpkin), sunflower seeds and assorted nuts. This bread has an interesting texture when it goes in your mouth. It's even better when it mixed with butter. Best for breakfast!

Mango Lychee Layered Cake - IDR 30.000,-. Aaaaa... I love this so much! A nice layer of mango cream cake and lychee at the middle, so sweet and yum!

Tokyo Cheese Danish - IDR 21.000,-. Buttery bread with cream cheese filling. I love the shape ! But I wish the cream cheese filling are a little bit more :p

Chicken Caesar Wrap and Tuna Tomato Wrap - IDR 33.000,-. Well.... I love it both!

And also welcoming winter season and valentine, comes up with the Starbucks merchandise.

And the most interesting part :p the goodie bag ! We've got Starbucks Agenda Planner along with a glass, a bag of Guatemala Casi Cielo, Caramel Stroop Wafel, Fruit toast and the wraps! I love the agenda so muchhhh! Big thanks to Corry and Starbucks Indonesia for inviting !

Starbucks Tempo Scan Pacific
Ground Floor, Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan.

Facebook : Starbucks Indonesia
Twitter : @SbuxIndonesia


  1. Nice report! You are really a food hunter.. lol
    Jakarta Hotel

  2. Wah, such a pleasure being invited by Starbucks!
    Nice to know you here.




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