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Couple weeks ago, I've been invited to taste some of the food of this restaurant in Kelapa Gading. If you know 'Bumbu Den' or 'Bakmi Bintang Gading', just go straight the road, and then you can found it on your left. I found this place is quite a worth - try. Perfect for hangout until late night since they're open from 1 pm until 2 am ( Monday's Close ).
Atmosphere :
At the first time you stepped in, you could found that this place is so different with the usual eateries around Kelapa Gading. The place is not quite spacious, but it feels comfortable enough. Red and Cream color sofa, Black and White checkerboard flooring, Vintage poster on the walls, doesn't it feels like American's Diner ?

Price :
Affordable IDR 30.000 - 50.000/ person

I found the menu is a mixed between Western and Indonesian. And yes, they also served beers and beer tower with affordable price here.
The first dish of the day is Sirloin Steak - IDR 35.000,- The steak was quite in big portion, served with the barbeque sauce on top and vegetables and french fries on the side. The veggies are cooked with butter, so it taste nice. The steak taste a lil' bit chewy and the bbq sauce taste just okay, but for that price? I think I don't mind :p

The next menu is my fave, Alice Chicken - IDR 28.000,-. So basically it's a boneless chicken with white cream sauce and vegetables and french fries on side. I love the white cream sauce ! Taste yummy and savory when it pairs with the chicken.
The last one, Cadillac VS Pontiac - IDR 30.000,-. This is a grilled chicken fillet with bacon in tomato sauce, also served with vegetables and french fries. The chicken taste moist and cooked perfectly, I also love the tomato sauce on top of it, but I think the saltiness of the Bacon quite overpowering it. But basically, it's nice :)

TODAY'S Cafe and Restaurant
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading QJ1 No.11,
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.
Phone: (021) 9812 4108
Facebook : Todays Diner
Twitter : @todays_diner


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