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Couple weeks ago, I've been invited by Sunny Side Up to taste their food. It's been my first time there since it's located in Serpong area ( yes it's far from my home ), but I'm still excited because they served an interesting menu. The "Arabian" eggs ! :D
Yes this restaurant mainly focus in EGG dishes. It's all about eggs ! That's what makes me excited about, I. LOVE. EGG ! Poached, half boiled, scrambled, omelette, you named it. haha...

Atmosphere :
The interior is soooo cute and cozy. Just like egg, the orange and white colors dominates the room. And yes, The bright color really makes us feel fresh yet comfortable at the same time.

Price :
Affordable! Around IDR 50.000 - 60.000/ person.

Food :

As I mention before, they had many varieties of egg dishes here. They served All Day Breakfast, but also Japanese and another Asian dishes. The highlight was the "Arabian" Eggs that they used. This egg is different than the usual egg, the yolk was more bigger and more yellow than usual egg, and also it was Salmonella - free, so it is fine for you who had allergic to eggs.
Even though the name is "Arabian" Egg, it's actually not really like imported from Arabian countries. It was the owner, who also own a farm that produced this kind of egg. The Arabian Eggs comes from a special breed of chicken that they're raised. It was an intercross between a chicken from "Arab" itself. Interesting.

So .... that time I order a simple Egg & Bacon ( for share portions ) - IDR 25.500,-. The Egg&Bacon presented beautifully, with a pinch of Italian seasoning on it. The egg was cooked perfectly, half cooked egg is always my fave :) Egg and bacon is such a match made from heaven, so what could goes wrong with it? It's just simply yum ! :p

Then, I also order, Omelette Breakfast Set - IDR 40.000,-. For this, you can choose 3 ingredients for the omelette ( mushroom, beef bacon, cheese, chicken or sausage ). That time I choose mushroom, cheese and sausage. The set also served with tomato filled with egg, whole wheat bread, butter and sauteed vegetables. The omelette was nice, but I hope the cheese are more melted :p Also I hope for using butter for the veggies :p but overall it was a nice breakfast dishes indeed.

Then, dessert time ! I order Apple Crumble - IDR 18.500,-. Yes the portion is hugeeeee. There's a generous apple cooked with cinnamon sauce, biscuits ( for the crumble ), Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberries on top. Yes it's not like an usual Apple Crumble, but ... it is, YUM ! The apple and biscuits are still warm, yet when it mixed with the ice cream, heaven ! :)

Then, Strawberry Pannacotta - IDR. 25.000,-. I love the pannacotaa, it is milky and has a nice textured, but I'm not a big fan of strawberry ( jam or coulis ? ) on top :)

They also had an interesting drinks ! Which is, White Yolk Juice ! If you are a gym freak person, you definitely know this drink! :D Yes it was actually a protein drink that you usually drink before or after work out. But, compared to those drink who sold at the gym, this drink are waaaayyyyy more yummy than those ;D That time I choose Cappucinno White Yolk Juice - IDR 20.000,-. Comes in big portions and ....... Look at those glass !! It's so cute right?? I think I want one for my home :p and the taste? It's just like an usual cappucinno blended drinks :p

Then, Green Healthy Juice - IDR 15.500,-. It's a mixed between veggies and fruits. It was sooooo refreshing!

And yes, they're also sold the Arabian Eggs :)

Sunny Side Up
Downtown Walk Ground Floor #231
Summarecon Mall Serpong 2
No. Telp (021) 29310723
Twitter : @sunnysideup_gs


  1. Whoa, I love love love eggs too! Oh my,I want to have that egg and bacon or omelette breakfast set every morning!

    Too bad, Surabaya doesn't have any place like it :((



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