Food/Rest. Review : Standing Sushi Bar

Maybe you are a lil' bit confused when you heard the name. Me too ! and my friends too ! :p Even though the restaurant name is "Standing Sushi Bar", don't worry, we actually not 'stand' while we eat ( ha! ), yes they still had chairs and tables ! ;D It is said that the restaurant firstly open in Singapore ( Marina Bay Link Mall & 8th Queen Street ). Now, they opening a new branch at La piazza Kelapa Gading. So..... Irrashaimase ~ ! :)

Atmosphere :
The interior is quite a typical Japanese Restaurant. It's quite spacious with a minimalist modern Japanese design. The ceiling are quite high, and I love a little touch of Sakura Flowers on the wall. Too bad, just like the another 'recently opened' restaurant, the service was BAD. I am taking my napkins, plates and spoon myself, because the waiters are not there to serve us. And when I ask the greeter to help us taking photos, she 'seems' busy and ignore us. We've waited for her for a quite long time, and she still makes herself busy. So yeah... we just leave. But hang on guys, we haven't reached the food review part, so just keep reading ! :p

Price :
IDR 100.000- 120.000/person. ( Yes quite pricey for a restaurant around Kelapa Gading :p )

Food :
When I first coming there, they're had an ongoing promotion which is Salmon Sashimi & Tsukimi Udon just for IDR 13.500 ! So.... without thinking much, we just order that first ! :p

Salmon Sashimi - IDR. 35.000,-. Nothing could go wrong with Salmon Sashimi. Always been my fave ! The sashimi taste fresh and thick. I think it's a good quality salmon that they choose.

Tsukimi Udon - IDR 38.000,- Yes it's just a simple udon and poached egg. I feel like the udon was undercooked, and the broth wasn't savory enough. Need improvement ! :)

Then we order, Jumbo Dragon Roll - IDR 80.000,- Ok I wasn't a big fan of the presentation, but it taste quite nice. It's quite different than the usual dragon roll that I've ever eaten, the Unagi ( Eel ) on top is half broiled, so when it reached to your mouth, you can taste the smoked taste and lil' crunch on it. Interesting.

Next, Spicy Fried Shake ( Salmon) Maki - IDR 35.000,-. I love how spicy the mayonnaise was ! But the salmon inside wasn't too generous, so we just taste the nice crunch outside, but can't taste the salmon.

Tori Katsu - IDR. 22.000,-. The meat are quite tender, but I think a lil' bit more seasoning could made it more yummy. But yea.... chili sauce can help ! ;p

Standing Sushi Bar

La Piazza Kelapa Gading

1st Floor Unit 381,
North Jakarta
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  1. Hi Natasha! Thanks for coming to the restaurant and taking the time to review it!

    Sorry our service was disappointing; we're definitely trying to make it more efficient and better. Can you let me know what date you were there? I'm trying to figure out if it was after we implemented some changes or before.

    And since I'm new to the Jakarta food scene, it would be great if you let me know around what price range for similar Japanese restaurants in Kelapa Gading are. That would be much appreciated! (No obligation of course!). My e-mail is or I can just check back here.

    Thanks again for coming to Standing Sushi Bar!

  2. @Howard : hi there, already send an email to you :)

  3. Spicy salmon sama tori katsu nya boleh juga. kelapa gading ya? jaddii :D



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