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Several weeks ago I've been invited by Mr.Curry to taste their food at their new recently open branch at Pondok Indah Mall 2. It's been a pleasures for me, since I'm already a fan of Mr.Curry ! :p So even I have to go through the traffic, thankfully I still manage to get there. Dinner time at 7pm, but I got there at 8.30 pm ( Yea B.I.G thanks to Jakarta's traffic ). Been sooooo hungry after I arrived, so let's start!

Comparing to the Grand Indonesia's Outlet, Mr.Curry in PIM 2 wasn't quite spacious. But that's okay since they still had a nice design on their interior. Oh I loveeee the flooring, a Moroccan - pattern like floor tiles. Nice ideas for Japanese restaurant like this.

So let's get to the interesting part, FOOD ! First, I've been served by their appetizer which is Koro Koro Tofu - IDR 25.000,-. This is a deep fried seasoned tofu served with Sweet Sour Chili Sauce. The tofu is so fluffy in the inside. Nice !

Then, Salmon Carpaccio - IDR. 35.000,-. This is a Fresh Salmon Slices, fresh salad with their special dressing. I found both salmon and salad are fresh, the dressing was light and has sour kick in it. Well it was quite enjoyable since I'm a huge fan of Salmon ( sashimi :p ).

To the main course, there are Minced Beef Spaghetti - IDR 58.000,-. This are Spaghetti with minced beef in their original curry sauce. Fusion at it's best. I already love their original curry sauce by the way, it was quite sweet, not creamy, but still has the textured. Adding the soft poached egg was made it even better.

Second, Chicken Katsu Curry Rice - IDR. 58.000,-. Same curry but different toppings, this was with Chicken Katsu and Rice. I told you, I already love the original curry sauce so there's nothing wrong with it. The Chicken Katsu was quite tender and juicy. Simply yum!

The bomb of the day, Assorted Mushroom Omurice - IDR. 48.000,-. This is a Japanese flavored fried rice wrapped in a silky egg omelette with two different sauce ( Demi glaze and cream sauce ) with Shitake, Enoki and Shimeji Mushroom. At the first this dish arrived, it's already mouthwatering. Omurice is always my fave dish in Mr.Curry. I love it how they can made a very silky egg omelette with a strong butter taste. So yum! And this time they made it with Japanese flavored fried rice, which I found quite tasty and savory, the sauce, I love the cream sauce better than the demi glaze sauce, and mushrooms ...... oh did I already mention that I'm a huge fan of mushrooms?? :p I totally come back and order this again. So yum!

Last, Hokkai Curry Ramen - IDR. 48.000,-. This is a japanese ramen with Curry taste and topped with Salmon, Hotate, Kani Stick, Egg and Aburage. This dish is my least fave. First I couldn't find the Hotate ( Scallop ), Second, the curry and the noodle taste just so - so. Maybe if they could made the curry more savory and flavorful ( more spicy maybe), it could be better. and yeah, Half Boiled Egg could help the presentation.

All of the main course also served with salad. This salad has a mango dressing. Taste quite nice.

And now, the fun part, DESSERT ! Both of the dessert was Sharing Portion, so make sure if you just by yourself, you are sure to finished them all :p
First is Macha Karamba - IDR 45.000,-. This is a Dorayaki tower topped with Japanese Honey Toast and cream cheese, completed with green tea ice cream. There's nothing wrong with it, just simply L.O.V.E it. Period.

Then, A Dash of Fruit Splash - IDR. 45.000,-. Also dorayaki tower topped with Japanese Honey Toast and Cream Cheese, completed with vanilla ice cream and fruit splash. There's a generous mango sauce around, so you can really taste a sour and sweet taste. Quite refreshing.

And for the drink, I order Peach Lassie - IDR. 28.000,-. Taste creamy yet refreshing.

At the end of the day, I feel so full and happy, even though I had a very rough day ( traffic and some things at work ). Big thanks to Mila and also Mr.Curry for inviting. Cheers to the good time ! :)

Mr. Curry, Japanese Curry & Sweet House
Pondok Indah Mall 2. Restaurant Row, Level 3
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (+6221) 75920666
Facebook : Mr Curry
Twitter : @MRCURRY_


  1. Mr Curry ini juga ada di Grand Indonesia ya? Pernah mampir sekali, cute interior :)

  2. @Jiewa : Yes it is ! Ini new branch yang di PIM 2



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