Starbucks Holiday Gathering

Yay December has coming! My most favorite month of all! :p So.... couple weeks ago, I've been invited by Starbucks Indonesia, to taste their new holiday's range of food and beverages. Yes the red cups are coming back ! :p

Located at the new Starbucks branch at Tomang, I'm so excited to try it because yes, I'm a Starbucks fan :p Now we start at the beverages first, shall we?

There's a new beverages in town, which is Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha! The name itself already makes u drooling right? haha... You can choose between Cranberry White Chocolate ( without coffee ) or Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha ( with coffee ). That time I try Frappucino ( Blended ) Cranberry White Chocolate. It's soooo yum to me. Even though you can't really taste the white chocolate, but what you can taste is a milky refreshing drinks. There's a cranberry drizzle and cranberry sugar sprinkle on top of it.

And yeah, Toffee Nut Latte is back!! My most fave drink around December! I think many of you already know it, so I don't have to describe it anymore. hehe.... and yeah, also Peppermint Mocha !

Besides the beverages on store, they also introduced us to Holiday Whole Bean and Starbucks VIA coffee range. First is Starbucks Christmas Blend, the fave since 1985. This one is a blend of Latin America coffee ( which full bodied and live ), Asia Pacific Coffee ( smooth ), and Sumatra beans ( spicy ).
Next is Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast. This one is a mixed of Aged Sumatra Coffees and Bella Vista F. W. Estate beans from Tres Rios ( Costa Rica ). Roast to perfection, then an intense and spicy roasted coffee is all you can get.
And yes, there's also Holiday season for Starbucks VIA.

Now we moved to their food! yay! As you may notice, Starbucks food always has a concept of coffee- pairing food. It's always a match if you had these foods with their range of coffee. You have to know that this kind of food only available around Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Surabaya and Bali.
So .... shall we start ? :p First is Holiday Beef and Egg Bagel - IDR. 30.000,- A crispy and chewy onion cheese bagel with smoked beef, scrambled egg, mayonnaise, lettuce, cheese and caramelized onion. Really perfect to kick your morning! I personally love the crispness of the bagel. Yum !

Blueberry and Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake - IDR. 25.000,- / each. This is a sweet butter cake with cream cheese mousse , with whipped blueberry/strawberry cream and jam on top of it. The outer cake was like some sort of a pie, then you found generous cream cheese mousse inside it. I personally love if we can taste more of the cream cheese than just a cream. A lil' bit plain for me... Maybe it's good if you eat it with a coffee ? :p

Cranberry Scones - IDR. 22.500,-. A scones with cranberry and walnut, and white chocolate coating on top of it. I personally love this! Not too sweet, but the generous amount of cranberry giving a fresh sour kick in it.

Raspberry Temptation - IDR. 28.000,-. A vanilla sponge cake covered with raspberry jelly, cheese butter cream, and raspberry jam and white chocolate drizzle on top of it.

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. A mixed of cranberry, butter, oatmeal, flour, whey powder and cashew nut. This is a really yum cookies in my opinion. It was taste more like an energy bar to me, so you are feel not so guilty when eating it. haha... We've got one jar of this as a souvenir, and you know what, it ran outs only in 2 days. haha.... Everybody loves it!

So we also got some Christmas Blend Whole Bean coffee, Cranberry Scones, and 2 Starbucks voucher ( yaaayyyy ! ) as a goodie bag. Last words, thanks Starbucks Indonesia and Corry for inviting ! Happy Holiday !

Starbucks Tomang
Jl. Tomang Raya 25, Jakarta
Facebook : Starbucks Indonesia
Twitter : @SbuxIndonesia


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