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A couple weeks ago, me and several bloggers been invited by Krispy Kreme Indonesia to experienced the newly open Doughnut Cafe concept in Central Park Mall and of course their new creation to welcome the holiday season. Krispy Kreme already known worldwide with their signature Original Glazed Doughnut and so on. And this is the first time in Indonesia they open a store with a Doughnut Cafe Concept.
Doughnut Cafe itself means a new atmosphere, new vibe, with a new interior design that makes you feel comfortable and cozy to sit around and forgetting time ( and forgetting diet too? haha ;p ). There's an indoor also outdoor sitting are that you can choose. Nice !

First we get there, we've been introduced to the "Doughnut Theater" area, which is the place where we can see the making of the doughnut itself. It's so fun looking at those babies jiggling around the oil and showered with the glazed sugar. And you know what's the best part is ? You can just eat it right away ! Fresh from the oven!

We're also introduced to a new baked creations which is "Pull Apart". Pull apart is an original Krispy Kreme dough that is rolled and pulled over to get a bread-like textured. It has 4 kinds of taste which is Double Cheese, Smoked Beef and Cheese, Pepperoni & Cheese, Sausage Cheese. I agree the textured was sooooooo soft and smooth. But I will personally more like it if I can taste the cheese more.

Another baked creations is "Kruffin". Kruffin is actually a muffin, but they put a hole in the middle and fill it with the ingredients. There's a 4 variations of taste which is Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Banana, Blueberry and Apple Streusel. I'm a big muffin fan. So I kinda' like this. But what I like the most is the Apple Streusel. I love the streusel on top, it gaves a nice textures, and I also love the apple bits in the middle of it.

Because it's near the Holiday Season, they're also launch the holiday products which is Snowman Doughnut and Snowflake Doughnut. The Snowman Doughnut has 2 flavors. The one with the green scarf has a blueberry fillings, the one with the red scarf has a chocolate filling. The Snowflake doughnut has a custard filling with premium chocolate as a topping. So cute.

Also not to be missed is their coffee beverages. Mocha Marshmallow and Cafe Latte. I love the Mocha Marshmallow ! It's so creamy and yum.

Besides that, we also get a chance to make our own doughnut. I had fun decorating it, and this is the result. What do you think guys? Am I good enough to be a doughnut decorator? ;p

Before we got home, we also got some goodie bags and some doughnuts. Yay !
Last words, Thanks to Enny Gunation from Krispy Kreme, and also Krispy Kreme Indonesia for inviting. Cheers !

Krispy Kreme - Doughnut Cafe
Central Park Mall Ground Floor ( Tribecca )
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28. Jakarta Barat
Facebook : Krispy Kreme Doughnut & Coffee Indonesia
Twitter : @KrispyKremeIndo



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