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Couple weeks ago, me and my foodie blogger friends manage a meet up dinner. After a long chat, we choose to have a dinner in some recently open Spanish Restaurant around South Jakarta. We don't have many Spanish restaurant or food around ( yeaaa booooo....! ), so I'm soooo excited to try this eateries :p Let's start !

Atmosphere :
At the first time you step in Tapas Movida, you really can feel the Spanish vibe here. There's an indoor and outdoor sitting area with a Mediterranian style. The earth tone, low lighting and the simple detail, really makes us feel cozy and comfort sitting in this restaurant.

Price :
Around IDR 80.000 - 120.000 / person.

Food :
As I told you before, we don't have many Spanish food around town, but I can see that Spanish food is actually quite adaptable with Indonesian tongues. I didn't know much about Spanish food, but I feel there's a similarity with the local food here :)
There's many menu to choose from at Tapas Movida. They had many range of Tapas/Pinchos, Raciones, the main course and soooo on. We were excitedly ordering, and then we chose Paella Mixta ( for 4 persons ) - IDR 200.000,-, to order first because it takes time for cooking.
The Paella are served in a big pan, and yes the portions was huge ! The Paella Mixta consist of saffron rice, chicken, shrimp, squid, mussel, peas and green beans. Because they don't had spanish rice here, so they use Indonesian rice instead. The most interesting part of Paella is a layer of toasted rice at the bottom of the pan called socarrat in Spain ( or 'Kerak' in Indonesian ? :p ), but it's hard to get that because usually they need the aged pan and a real burner. I love the creamy taste of the paella, the rice has a nice textures ( not too soft like usual 'nasi' , like a risotto ), and the peas really gives a nice textures too. I wonder do they really use saffron in this dish ? Because what I know is hard to get saffron in here ( only the local one from Bali :p ) , and besides that, saffron is quite expensive isn't it ?

I really love the ideas of Tapas. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. Interesting isn't it ? so ... Then the pinchos that we ordered that night is.... ( From Left to Right ) Gambones con gabardina y alioli ( Prawns in jacket with garlic mayonnaise) , Tosta de brie y cebolla caramelizada ( Toast with brie cheese and caramelized onion) and Montadito de ternera con queso azul y cebolla caramelizada ( Tenderloin, cambozola cheese and caramelized onion on a toast ) - IDR 15.000/ each. Well... I love it all ! but I kind of dislike the cambozola cheese on the tenderloin beef pinchos. It's quite overpowering the juiciness of the meat.

Then, Patata confitada con salmon y compota de manzana ( Candied potato with salmon and apple compote ) - IDR 15.000/ each. I love this so much! The presentation was so pretty, the potato are cooked perfectly and well seasoned.

My another fave, Pintxo de pollo moruno con salsa de yogur y queso ( Chicken, yogurt sauce and cheese ) - IDR 15.000. The chicken are cooked perfectly and I love the herb seasoning of it. The yogurt and cheese taste perfect. Love it !

Then, ( From Up to Below ) Bruschetta de guacamole y gambas al ajillo ( Guacamole bruschetta with garlic shrimps ) and Esparragos trigueros con huevos pasados por agua ( Green asparagus with poached eggs ) - IDR 15.000/ each. The guacamole bruschetta taste yummy, and the green asparagus taste just okay.

Then we also order Albondigas ( Spanish Meatballs ) - IDR. 40.000,- . This meatballs is the bomb. Taste so savory and sweet. The sauce was like a beef stew ( or Indonesian "Semur"? haha :p ). So yummm...!

Tortilla Espanola ( Spanish potato omelette ) - IDR. 33.000,-. This taste just okay.

What's Spanish food without Sangria ?! haha... so that night we also order Sangria - IDR 210.000/jug for drinks. Sangria is a wine punch made from red wine mixed with assorted fruits. Taste so fresh and refreshing. Love it !

Save room for desserts ? of course ! That night we choose Reinette - IDR. 35.000,- It was consist of Nougatine, vanilla ice cream, apple tatin cake, topped with vanilla sauce and chantilly. I personally love the apple tatin. Nice.
Then, Milhoja de fresas con sabayon de vainilla y salsa de chocolate ( Strawberry Mille Feuille with vanilla sabayon and chocolate sauce) - IDR. 40.000,- The presentation was soooooo mouthwatering. But too bad I didn't really taste the vanilla sabayon. It was just like a cream.

Overall I really enjoy my time at Tapas Movida. And also we get a chance to chat with the Executive Chef / Owner himself, Mr. Manuel Verdaguer. We also got another jug of Sangria for the complimentary. Yay ! Thanks Tapas Movida, I'll definitely back again. Adios ! :p

Tapas Movida
Jl. Cipete Raya No.66, Cipete.
No Telp. (021) 217510851

Facebook : Tapas Movida Jakarta
Twitter : @TapasMovida


  1. Admin sini lebih suka menu makanan yang mana nih? kalau saya suka Pescado Asado Con Salsa De Tomate, ini gambar makanannya



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