Food/Rest. Review : Deltoro's BBQ Ribs and Steak

Falling in love with Indonesian Grilled Ribs, but too far to go to Bali ? ( You know what kind of ribs that I mean ;p ) Well... don't worry anymore because you can found it in Grand Indonesia Mall. Located in the corner of the mall, maybe not many of you notice it ( even me :p ), but you know what..... This place is really a worth try.

Atmosphere :
The place is not too spacious, but they maximize it. They choose vintage minimalist mood for the interior, quite comfortable.

Price :
About IDR 100.000 - 150.000/ person

Food :
They don't serve many option on their menu. It's only ribs,steak and the side dish. Just. That. haha.....
So that time I order Balinese Original Local Pork Baby Back Ribs ( Half Slab ) - IDR 92.000,-. Served with small amount of French Fries and Sambal ( Chili Sauce ). Yes small. We need morreeeeee... ! :p
The ribs is taste quite nice in my opinion. Quite tender, sweet and yummy. The 'Sambal' is nice too.

Then, Pork Baby Back Ribs ( Full Slab ) - IDR 184.000,- That time we choose honey sauce. It turns quite nice too. The ribs was tender, even though we don't get much of meats there ( maybe because it's a local pork :) ), and once again the portions of mashed potato and the French Fries, as you can see.... yea... we need more! And I think, there's not much a different between Half Slab and Full Slab no ?

Deltoro's BBQ Ribs and Steak
Grand Indonesia Mall,
West Mall LG Unit #16A,
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1
Phone : (021) 23580717


  1. Hmmm... only quite nice? Whenever I pass the place, it looks pretty empty. Are they still having BNI or other cc promo?

  2. lolssssss, side dish potatonya Pork Baby Back Ribs ( Full Slab ) ukuran porsi side dish balita yah? haha

  3. Hello natasha, kayanya full slabnya porsinya sama aja yah half ama fullnya ya? haha...kemaren gue makan d sana jga sama2 half slab tp kok beda semua ukurannya , wkwkw..

  4. @Dino : Bole lah din rasanya. pake bca kalo ga sala.

    @anak jajan : hahhah setujuuuu



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