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When you go looking for a Chinese food around Gajah Mada or Mangga Besar, I think this is a place that you can considered. Don't mind the name ( lol ) this restaurant is a very typical Chinese restaurant, that usually never empty of customers.

Atmosphere :
Modern light wood room, with a minimalist furniture inside. Not so spacious ( typical chinese food restaurant that always put the tables and chairs close each other :p ) and yes, they also had second floor.

Price :
Not so cheap I could say. IDR 100.000 - 150.000 / person

Food :
There's a size for every dish, so you can choose according to how many persons that are eating.
First, I will start with "The MOST" dish that I like ;p Siang Ping Phai Kut ( M size ) - IDR 165.000,- Ahhh... I love these so much, now I'm craving while I wrote these post. So basically this a Pork Ribs that cook with beer. haha... yes beer! Well I didn't ask what kind of beer that they used :p, but the result is the pork ribs has a nice crunch on the skin, with a taste of an unique sweetness when you have a bite. Yum yum... and the pork meat is tender too.

Next, Ayam Garam ( 1/2 ekor ) - IDR. 65.000,- So this is a typical Chinese salted steamed chicken. The Ayam Garam is not too salty! and that's what I like! Sometimes the salt is too much, and we even think twice to eat it ( takut darah tinggi haha ). The meat is tender and savory. yum...

Lumpia Udang Ala Fajar ( M size ) - IDR 112.500,- Well actually this is a kind of Lumpia Udang ( Chinese Shrimp Fritters ? ) that I like. There's many restaurant that offers this kind of dish. The nice one is having a nice crunch on the outside and the inside, and also the freshness of the shrimp. Too bad for this Lumpia Udang they need to work on the inside. Still soggy and tasteless to me.

Cap Cay Cah ( M Size ) - IDR 75.000,- Taste fine, but too bad the baby corn wasn't fresh ( tasted sour )

Baso Tahu Tim ( 7 portions ) - IDR. 63.000,- Taste just okay, but I think if they're using Tahu Sutra instead of Tahu Air, will be so much better. Because to me, tahu air had some certain smell that I'm not a big fan of ;p

Nasi Hainam - IDR. 8.000,- Taste quite nice, comes with a clear soup.

And because we complained about the baby corn that wasn't fresh ( from the cap cay ), they gave us some Spring Rolls as a complimentary. And it taste good ! so crispy and the bamboo sprouts filling was sweet and nice.

Top Yammie
Jl. Labu No.5
Telp. 021 - 6595777


  1. ngiler ngeces2 liat paikutnya..

  2. @anakjajan : paikutnya was the best! :p

  3. Saya suka banget lumpia udangnya bener2 udangnya full ngga campur tepung2an, paikut jg yuMmy, boleh dicoba jg buburnya enak deh..

  4. hmmm siang pin paikut, memang bener2 enak itu :)
    salam kenal yah, aku ijin link blognya yah :)



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