Foie Gras Discovery

About 3 weeks ago, I've been invited by Bosch Home Appliances Indonesia, Classic Fine Foods and Rougie Sarlat to a private event, which is " Foie Gras Discovery ". Yes, Foie Gras ! Maybe not many Indonesian was familiar with Foie Gras. It was a quite expensive ingredients, and we cannot found it at local supermarket. To be honest, I never eat Foie Gras in terms of 'real' and whole foie gras, what I have before is already a processed one like foie gras dumpling or similar like that. So yeah... I'm pretty excited to try ;)
Foie gras is french term for "Fat Liver", which is a food that made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened
through force feeding. If you curious about the taste, you can think of chicken liver, but the textures slightly more soft and smooth, and when you ate it, you can feel the fattiness around your mouth.

The event was held at Bosch Experience Center. Bosch itself already well known with their high quality home appliances, and Bosch Experience Center are the place for showcasing their products, and also a space for some private event. Yes they had a real kitchen that can be used ! I was drooling and drooling looking at their fancy kitchen appliances ( hoping they gave me one for souvenir ;p lol. ) and also those induction stove ( oh my... hopefully for my future kitchen ;p ).

The event opened by Mr. Chairul Sugiharto as the Director of Bosch Sales and Marketing, and also Mr. Thomas Pellegrini, the General Manager of Classic Fine Foods. Mr. Thomas also explained a little bit about Rougie Sarlat that already well known with their high quality of Foie Gras, Geese and Duck's products. And yes, you can get Rougie Sarlat's products here in Indonesia through PT. Classic Fine Foods. PT. Classic Fine Foods is one of the leading distributor of fine food product in Indonesia. They are the exclusive agent in Indonesia for premium brands from Europe and Australia.

After that, Mr. Thomas presenting Chef Jocelyn Deumie as a Rougie Culinary Advisor based in Japan to gave us a cooking tips and knowledge with 5 recipes using the superior Rougie products which is Foie Gras and Duck Meats.

For the appetizer, Chef Jocelyn presents the Foie Gras Terrine. He cooks in a two ways, one is a 'fusion' one ( since he based in Japan now, he mixed the foie gras with Japanese style ), and the other one is the classic one. For the fusion terrine, He makes it with Seaweed and Lemon. The taste was so delicate and unique. The lemon helps to reduce the fattiness taste of the Foie Gras. Then, the classic one is using ginger breadcrumbs on it, so there's a nice crunch when we ate it. I personally love the classic one more ;)

Then, we had an Oyster and Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. The oyster was so fresh, and I love how the hollandaise wasn't too sour. Well seasoned !

Next is a Duck Leg Confit Salad in a vinaigrette dressing. What interesting is, Chef Jocelyn used Red Wine Salt for the seasoning. Yes red wine salt! So basically is a salt that bake with red wine. The duck leg confit was pretty amazing. There's a crunch on the outside but moist and savory in the inside. Simply yum!

And next is a pretty daring dish, which is Creme Brulee Foie Gras. Chef Jocelyn said that this is a dish that people could totally love it nor totally hate it. Lol. So it was a foie gras creme brulee ( which is a foie gras mixed with egg and milk ) and pumpkin puree and plum on the based, then cardamon emulsion on top. To me, I have a love hate relationship with this dish. Well.. there's a very strong sense of the foie gras, but it was so unique! The technique was so modern.

Then, Pan Fried Foie Gras with Cherry and Balsamic Vinegar. I love this one so much! The foie gras was soft and the balsamic vinegar add an edge to this dish.

The last dish of the day was Duck Breast cook with Baby Potatoes and Porcini Mushrooms. The duck breast are more chewy than the duck legs, but it's so savory. Well.. I think I'm not a big fan of Porcini Mushrooms though ;p

Then for clean the palate, mango and also Valrhona Chocolates ( also the product of Classic Fine Foods ). That time we also been served a premium gourmet tea by Dammann Freres. Really loves the tea ! But too bad you can't found it at local supermarket :(

When we got home, we also got some goody bags ( yay! Scanpan's slotted spoon ;p ) and also foie gras terrine from Chef Jocelyn.

Last words, it was a really great experience for me, Thank you so much for Raymond, Rovi & Mr. Chairul from Bosch Home Appliances Indonesia, and also Mr. Thomas from PT. Classic Fine Foods Indonesia and Chef Jocelyn Deumie from Rougie Sarlat for inviting!

Bosch Experience Center
One Wolter Place Building 3rd Floor
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No 63B
Jakarta Selatan
P: +62 (21) 739 5730
F: +62 (21) 739 5675

PT. Classic Fine Foods Indonesia
Jl. Boulevard BGR No.1,
Kelapa Gading Barat - Jakarta Utara
P : (021) - 45848040
E :


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  2. Sooo envious that I didn't make it to the event, bad timing... Foie gras, valrhona... Yummmm...

  3. @tigerlily : Hi! salam kenal juga! Thank u so much, really appreciate it!

    @gfgl : gpp din... next time pasti ada yg lebih yahud hahaha



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