Chalk Hill Wine Tasting

About two weeks ago, I've been invited by Decanter Wine House to taste some of the new range of wine that would be available in Indonesia soon, which is Chalk Hill wines. Chalk Hill is a family owned wine company, with the very first vineyard planted in 1897. The Harvey family grape growing heritage goes back six generations in South Australia, and now have six vineyards spread across the beautiful McLaren Vale wine region.

Mr. Jock Harvey, the winemaker himself, presented us to 6 variety of wines that he bought. After him, Mr. Yohan Handoyo, the wine expertise, also give us his opinion about this wine.

So this is a little note about the wine tasting that I have :
1. Chalk Hill Moscato

Never go wrong with Chalk Hill Moscato 2011. It's a light bodied wine, with a beautiful lime curd tart with fine cutting acidity. Sweet dry apricot and peaches with a lift of candied citrus peel. A clean, textural wine with a refreshing finish. It's perfect to match with grilled fish and also a wide range of delicious desserts. I personally love it! but too bad the Moscato will not be available in Indonesia at this time ( later maybe ).

2. Brewery Hill Shiraz

Next was Brewery Hill Shiraz 2010. It's a classic Shirazey black fruit aromas with a nice pepperyness with a pleasant, slightly floral aroma with some woody notes. It's a medium to full bodied wine with a soft, rounded mouth feel, mellow tannins and a hint of oak.

3.Chalk Hill Sidetrack
This is one of the interesting wines, because the Chalk Hill Sidetrack 2009, is a combination of 60% Shiraz, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc, 10% Grenache. It has a bright crimson color with purple hues and the aromas of ripe red berry fruit, a hint of vanilla and spice. Well balanced with a silky finish. Perfect to be paired with gourmet pizza or an omelette.

4.Chalk Hill Shiraz

The Chalk Hill Shiraz 2009 were more feminine. It has a vibrant crimson red color with the aroma of a bouquet of red and black berry fruits with floral basket notes. The finish is long and intense with fine fruit tannin lingering. Perfect to be paired with lamb and oven roasted roma tomato pasta salad, sprinkled with parmesan and baby spinach. Because this wine had a high acidity, we need animal fat to balance it.

5. Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

This is the most expensive wine we had that day :p, The 2009 Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. Loaded with fresh crushed cassis, a hint of liquorice and spice, mocha and cedar aroma. The palate is soft, velvety texture coupled with intense mulberry fruit and some savoury earthy tones. The spice is quite strong, so you can taste the spiciness at the aftertaste. Mr. Jock Harvey said that this wine is perfect to be paired with Asian food, like chinese or Indonesian food.

6.Brewery Hill Chardonnay
This is the last wine of the day, Brewery Hill 2010 Chardonnay. It has a tropical fruit aromas and flavours of citrus and lime and it makes for a good, easy-drinking wine and can hold onto the medley of flavours. Perfect partner for a Roast Chicken and a lazy Sunday afternoon.

ter tasting those six wines, Mr. Jock Harvey also bought a few bottle of Alpha Crucis Shiraz & Alpha Crucis Cabernet Sauvignon. Because it's not much, so, not many guest able to taste it. However, at my table, Mr. Yohan Handoyo gives us a quick 'Wine 101' course :p From how the glass will effect the wine ( try drinking wine from a wine glass and from a coffee cup ), How the air will also effect the taste, and also food pairing tips. A good note is, what you are looking for in a wine is the sensation when you drink it and also the aftertaste in your mouth. That's why when you drink a wine, you had to slowly (but sure :p ) to get the best of it.

We also been served by some canapés and also bread and butter to balanced our wine tasting.

Before we go home, we're also given 1 bottle of the wine. Yay! That time I've got some Brewery Hill Chardonnay 2010.

Last words, I really had a great time that day, really improving my knowledge about wine :p Thanks for Mr. Jock Harvey and Novi from Chalk Hill and Mr. Yohan Handoyo and Sherly for inviting !

For order any of wine aboves, email to :

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    Anw, just curious, you seemed to catch the taste of each wine really well, down to the subtlest hint. Was that the work of your tongue and nose?

  2. Aaaaaa. Jd nyesel jg ga pegi. kynya seru. :'(



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