Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Product Launch

Last week I've been invited again by Starbucks Indonesia, to join their Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Product Launch Event. Taking place at Annex Building, Hotel Nikko, the place already packed with the press and also several food blogger.

Before the event started, we've been served with some snack and drinks. You know what, that time I'm trying Vanilla Black Sesame Frappucino, it's my first time to be honest hahaha... At first I'm quite skeptical about the mixed between Black Sesame and Vanilla, but until when I sip in, it's actually pretty good. It's pretty unique haha...

Back to the event, Mr. Anthony Cottan as the Director of Starbucks Indonesia opening the event, then after that we've been divided into 3 groups. Each groups are going to a different booth, to taste the Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew. There's an Airplane Booth, Office Booth and Kitchen Booth. At the booth we're introduced to Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew and got a chance to taste it.

After tasting, we're back to our seats, and having some Q&A session with 3 guests which is, Greysia Polii ( Indonesian Badminton Athlete ), Jenz from Jenzcorner ( Food Blogger ) and Trinity ( Travel Enthusiast and Blogger, writer of 'The Naked Traveler' book ).

And also we've got some goodies! ( free Starbucks coupon! yay! ;p )

For more details info about Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew ( types and also the food ), you can check out my previous post here.
Last word, Thanks again to Starbucks Indonesia for inviting me. Best of luck for this upcoming new products !

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Twitter : @SbuxIndonesia


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