Food/Rest. Review : Warung Babi Guling Sari Dewi - Bp. Dobiel

It's time for Bali Culinary !! Maybe many of you already familiar with the famous Babi Guling Ibu Oka ( some kind of rice mixed with roast pork ), but now I'm taking you a lil' bit out of the mainstream. Same Babi Guling, but what makes it different is Bapak Dobiel who cook it this times ;p

Atmosphere :
Just a typical local food restaurant which is sooo simple and not fancy. It's actually a home that turns to be a restaurant. Many people eat at this place, but we're not having a long queue. Bapak Dobiel himself still step in to serve the customer.

Price :
around IDR. 20.000 - IDR 35.000 / person

Food :
Just like a normal "warung" around Bali, we can just order "Nasi Campur" ( Mixed Rice ) or we can choose only the one that we like. At this time I choose not too picky and order Nasi Campur instead - IDR 30.000 ( include drinks and soup ).
The Nasi Campur is a plain rice that comes with a Shredded Pork, Crispy Pork Skin, Lawar ( Traditional Balinese Veggies ), Deep Fried Pork Liver and Pork Satay. Yes it's spicy ! and what I love is the Crispy Pork Skin that really crisp and savory, really gives the nice textures to the dish. The Pork Satay also yum ! Not like the typical Chinese pork satay that is sweet, this kind is using chili and spices.

Then the nasi campur also comes with the Soup. The soup is my fave ! Really savory and has a perfect spice in it ( even a friend of mine that doesn't like spicy food loves it. lol ) and yes, also has pork in it.

Warung Babi Guling Sari Dewi Bapak Dobiel
Jalan Srikandi No.9, Nusa Dua

Telp. (0361)771663


  1. Gosh, I'm drooling! It looks so delicious. Thought Bu Oka is the only one, but this Bp. Dobiel is somehow so tempting :O

  2. @ yunie : yep! another option for Bali's culinary :p

  3. menyesal deh blog walking ke sini malam-malam liat foot-foot ini..oohhh noooo..aku lapaaarrrrrr

    1. Malam2 liat kaki kaki ya mba?hahahahhaha FOOD kaleee

  4. sudah coba makan di sana. Lumayan enak, tapi hati2 kalau makan di sana, lebih baik tanya harga dulu sebelum pesan. Kami berdua pesan 2 porsi dan minum teh botol, Rp. 120.000,-. Service kurang



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